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DepEd Bicol reminds educators to uphold moral principles.

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Teachers in the area have been cautioned by the Bicol Department of Education (DepEd) to prevent politics and politicians from interfering with educational matters.

The reminder was issued in response to Sara Duterte, vice president and secretary of education, who issued DepEd Order No. 047, s. 2022, titled “Promotion of Professionalism in the Implementation and Delivery of Basic Education Programs and Services,” in a virtual platform banning politics and politicians from departmental affairs.

The purpose of DepEd, according to Duterte’s decree, is “to promote effective and efficient policies and programs, which could only be achieved if the department is free from any partisan activities,” she wrote.

DepEd-Bicol will always follow the instructions from the central office, according to Mayflor Jumamil, the region’s public information officer, who also noted that the order “will remind everyone in DepEd of the code of conduct and ethical standards expected to be manifested by public employees and officials.”

“Program owners and DepEd officials who have varied interactions outside of the department would now be cautious in their actions and judgments,” she claimed as a result of the mandate.

Jumamil subsequently reaffirmed the need for all DepEd officials and staff to “exercise the highest kind of professionalism.”

She outlined precise guidelines that should be followed, including:

— Refrain from requesting assistance, consideration, political accommodations, or any other type of interference from other government employees or organizations of a similar nature outside of the DepEd;

— Refrain from requesting favors from elected officials to hasten the implementation of initiatives, projects, and activities, unless they are covered by the Adopt-a-School Program, sponsored by the Special Education Fund (SEF), covered by partnership agreements, or permitted by law;

— Adhere to the department’s internal norms and regulations on communication, correspondence, and other suitable work processes; and

— Address letters of requests or correspondences on issues that might be related to elementary education directly to the Office of the Secretary.

Education officials were forewarned by Duterte that failure to follow the new direction would result in complete denial of any request or appeal in her office.

“Exert the greatest attention, wisdom, and judiciousness in the implementation and execution of basic education programs and services,” she instructed both authorities and staff.

The majority of DepEd employees, who saw optimism in their attempt to shield DepEd from politics and politicians, rejoiced at the most recent directive.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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