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Sorsogon has been identified as Bicol’s leading abaca producer.

LEGAZPI CITY – With the new building and facility of the Philippine Fiber Industry and Development Authority (PhilFIDA) in the town of Juban, Sorsogon Governor Francis Escudero hopes to make the province one of the top abaca producers in the area.

Escudero said in a statement on Sunday that PhilFIDA is conducting a research to improve abaca production in order to reclaim the province’s status as the region’s top contributor to abaca output.

The new PhilFIDA facility in Barangay Cogon includes the new Sorsogon tissue culture laboratory and a four-hectare abaca nursery farm, in addition to the new office building that was just opened. The Philippine Food and Drug Administration (PhilFIDA) is a Department of Agriculture-affiliated agency (DA).

“The provincial nursery, which covers about four hectares if my memory serves me well, is still in the early stages of construction. This provincial nursery will be developed to its full potential. Finally, we want to create it a model and demonstration farm, especially for the Provincial Agriculturist Office and the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office seedlings,” Escudero stated.

Tissue culture, according to PhilFIDA regional director Mary Anne Molina, is a state-of-the-art method or technology for creating abaca planting materials since it can produce over 1,000 pieces of abaca planting material in a 12-month cycle from a single sucker.

“Abaca propagation is therefore made easy.” We can reproduce more quickly and reap more rewards. She explained that the agency’s goal is to provide technical services such as plant distribution and propagation using the tissue culture method.

The new facility in Barangay Cogon, according to PhilFIDA Sorsogon, will be open to all abaca growers, investors, researchers, and even visitors.

The laboratory and nursery, according to the agency’s Facebook post, were supported by the provincial government.

Bicol, according to Molina, is still the country’s biggest producer of abaca fiber, but Sorsogon used to be a major provider. The province of Catanduanes is currently the region’s leading producer.

She commended Escudero and the provincial administration for their assistance in reviving and developing the province’s abaca business, ushering in a “renewed and stronger partnership between the province and the PhilFIDA.”

“We see and appreciate the province’s trust and confidence in PhilFIDA,” Jose Catalla, chief science research expert, stated. That, as a national government agency, we are assisting in the development of the province of Sorsogon, particularly the abaca sector, as well as improving the livelihood of Sorsoganon abacaneros (abaca workers).”

“Even with our modest resources, we at PhilFIDA will work hard and give our best efforts to help uplift the life of the Sorsoganon abacaneros,” he stated. (

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