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Create alliances with international governments and investors: PBBM to envoys

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. advised the newly appointed and approved Philippine ambassadors on Thursday to seek collaborations and foster positive relationships with receiving nations and foreign investors.

As they represented the Philippines, Marcos instructed them to find ways to forge solid ties with host nations and entice more foreign investment during a meeting with them at Malacanang Palace in Manila.

“The Office of the Press Secretary (OPS) quoted him from the meeting as saying, “And whether or not they are allies, whether or not they are friendly, it is very important that we continue to communicate, that we continue to engage, that we continue to have a way to explain what the Philippines is trying to do, how the Philippines sees its role in the community of nations.

“The Chief Executive continued, “I believe it is crucial (that) we examine and be very, very careful about discovering opportunities for the Philippines that might be good for the Philippines.

The promotion of the Philippines’ interests and the development of alliances “with all our neighbors” are part of their duties as Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiaries, according to Marcos.”

The coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) problem and the Russia-Ukraine war, among other urgent concerns facing the country, should be addressed, he said, with the assistance of the nation’s envoys.

“And in this period, I believe it is crucial that these alliances be built and developed,” he continued. We need allies as we work to maneuver our way out of the catastrophic economic situation and the crisis that has developed as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

“It is also advantageous for us when we support and help the private sector form alliances with outside investors, he continued.

Master adjusting

Marcos stated that the ambassadors have a crucial role to play in pushing the national interests of the country as the world struggles with numerous issues.

Given their “distinct” mission of representing the Philippines to other countries, he counseled them to adjust to changes.

“Therefore, it is a unique kind of mission. Your main concerns are no longer restricted to diplomatic contacts and exchanges. We are no longer constrained by distance, by location, or by our physical state, stated Marcos.

“This is something that we now need to acknowledge. And as I previously stated, we depend on our envoys to accomplish two things: first, continuously communicate the Philippines’ stance to all of our friends and allies in the global conversation in which we all participate.”

He instructed the envoys to start conversations with foreign individuals, businesses, and organizations in the hopes of opening up new opportunities for partnerships that would be advantageous to the Philippines.

According to him, the ambassadors may take into account government-to-government negotiations and investment partnerships with foreign investors.

“For this reason, in my opinion, that is the newest aspect of an envoy’s responsibilities. I now see that we must adapt since the world is changing, Marcos stated. And I think that this is the best course of action for the Philippines and the country’s interests.

Ambassadors from Argentina’s Grace Tolentino Cruz-Fabella, Belgium’s Jaime Victor Leda, Brazil’s Joseph Gerard Angeles, the Czech Republic’s Eduardo Martin Meez, Indonesia’s Gina Jamoralin, and the United States, represented at the meeting (Israel).

Ambassadors Nathaniel Imperial (Italy), Mylene Garcia-Albano (Japan), Wilfredo Santos (Jordan), Lilybeth Deapera (United Mexican States), Lilibeth Pono (Qatar), Medardo Antonio Macaraig (Singapore), and Alfonso Ferdinand Ver were among the newly confirmed and appointed ambassadors who also paid a visit to Marcos (United Arab Emirates).

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