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Solon advocates for a larger tax exemption for sporting and wellness goods.

Rep. Margarita Nograles, assistant majority leader of the house and member of the Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) party list, stated on Friday that the Bureau of Customs (BOC) should take into account amending its administrative order, which establishes the ceiling for non-dutiable imported goods, and include a special exemption for sporting and health improvement equipment.

Nograles claimed that by encouraging people to maintain a healthy weight and physical fitness, the government may further advance the welfare of its people.

“This would provide cheaper and more widespread access for Filipinos to different sporting equipment and other health-improving gear and technologies, which would encourage them to exercise and live a healthy life,” she said.

The woman solon said that since they could more easily afford it and have ready access to the greatest equipment the world had to offer, this would also enable Filipino athletes to increase their chances of succeeding in international sporting tournaments.

The BOC should think about amending Administrative Order 02-2016, which set the ceiling for non-dutiable imported goods at P10,000 and included a special exemption for sporting and health improvement gears and goods. Nograles, a sports advocate and health enthusiast, noted that sports and health gears are currently very expensive in the Philippines due to high importation costs.

She suggested raising the tax exemption for imported sporting and health development items and equipment from P10,000 to P50,000, which is the price of a mid-range bicycle or a piece of reliable and respectable cardio equipment.

Currently, every importation of a single good valued at less than $10,000 is tax-exempt; however, goods valued at more than $10,000 are subject to a 15% customs charge and a 12% value-added tax (VAT).

“With the exception of sporting items and equipment, the P10,000 de minimis value for imported goods shall continue. If we achieve this, we would be able to provide free gyms in every barangay and promote an active lifestyle among our population. A healthy populace will lead to a healthy country, according to Nograles.

Long-term, according to Nograles, the government will save billions of pesos on public health expenditures for a variety of conditions related to a sedentary lifestyle, such as obesity, various heart conditions, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol which can result in strokes, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and even a number of cancer types.

Nograles estimated that 40% of deaths in the nation are related to lifestyle conditions based on the DOH Health Policy Notes.

“We must make an investment in the health of our people by promoting an extremely active lifestyle. This might also motivate individuals to abstain from harmful habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, and abusing drugs. This will contribute to a populace that is productive and healthy, according to Nograles.

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