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Worker and hog farmer claims lottery jackpot awards

Two bettors who won the grand prizes in two different draws recently picked up their winnings at the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) headquarters in Mandaluyong City.

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According to a statement released by the PCSO on Monday, the 35-year-old winner from Davao City, Davao del Sur, collected the first half of the PHP521 million jackpot reward for Ultra Lotto 6/58 on January 19.

Two millionaires were created by the draw that produced the winning combination 01-23-15-03-08-05. The other winner, a 44-year-old Leyte woman who works for the government, accepted her prize on January 11.

“I don’t have any additional money. As long as it’s possible, I would really like to buy a home and enter the lottery. I won’t do any additional duties any longer, po sobra na na po itong ibinigay ng Panginoon sa akin. Since I just care about owning a house and some land, I play the lotto. The winner, who makes a living by filling in at construction sites, claimed, “The Lord has already given me too much.

Even though he has been a consistent lotto player for the past ten years, he admitted that he only plays the lottery when he has extra cash in the hope that it may one day transform his life.

He cited his brothers’ birthdays as his favorite lotto combo when asked what his least favorite combination was.

“My life is not simple, so even if I want to bet on the lottery, I can’t do it, only if I have extra money,” the winner stated. “Hindi naman po maginhawa ang aking buhay at kahit gustuhin ko makataya ng lotto di ko rin magawa.”

The newly minted billionaire claimed that he does not understand why he was anxious about how he will be able to collect his award after learning that he had won the jackpot reward.

“At this time, I am not a lottery winner, nor am I a makapaniwala. I don’t watch television, so when I saw on Facebook that I was one of the lottery winners, I didn’t know to keep it in mind. I can’t really believe that I won the lottery. Pinag aralan ko po mabuti kung paano ako makakarating dito upang maclaim ang premyo sapagkat di naman po ako sanay bumyahe at hindi ko rin po alam sino po pagtitiwalaan ko na sumama sa akin dito. I didn’t watch television, so I wasn’t sure what to think when I saw on Facebook that I was one of the two lottery winners. Because I’m not accustomed to traveling and I don’t know who I can trust to accompany me here, I carefully planned how to get here to claim the award,” he stated.

At the PCSO main office on January 27, a 47-year-old swine farmer from Ibaan town in Batangas province claimed the PHP29.7 million jackpot prize for the Grand Lotto 6/55 drawn on January 21 with the winning combination 03-44-10-13-23-11.

The new billionaire, who has spent the majority of his life raising pigs, claimed that he has played the lottery consistently for almost ten years.

Umikot na ang buhay ko sa pagbababuyan, nakakapagod po. Mabaho, mahirap. If there is no sisipagan, there is no pambiling pagkain. To properly bag the aking pamumuhay, I must pinangarap talagang yumaman. It’s exhausting that my existence has been centered around a pig farm; mahal sa Panginoon at dininig po ang aking panalangin. It stinks, it’s difficult. You won’t be able to buy food if you don’t work hard. I had a strong desire to become wealthy so that I could alter my way of life. I’m so grateful that the Lord heard my prayer,’ he said.

He disclosed that the system had selected his combination as the lucky pick, and he expressed his gratitude for the outcome.

“Bale pag ako po ay nataya ng lotto ako po ay may alagang dalawa kombinasyon tapos kasunod neto ay lucky choice na. Inaalagaan ko po ang aking number at nakakagulat na ang tumama at yung lucky pick, as stated in the tagal. I saw in a social media post that the event was in Ibaan, therefore I bought tickets after that. I’m not sure about the number in my makita, but it’s the lumabas. It doesn’t matter if I bet on the lottery; I have two preferred combinations, and the following one is always the fortunate one. Thank you PCSO for your assistance with this. It surprises me that the lucky pick is the only one that hits considering how well I’ve been taking care of my number. I checked my tickets after seeing on social media that the Ibaan resident who had the winning combination. I was so happy to see my number that I started to cry. We are very grateful to PCSO for providing us with the opportunity to become billionaires,” he stated.

He claimed that as a father of three, he would use his riches to plan for his kids’ future.

“Aking napanalunan po, gagamitin ko ang aking pamilya para sa kinabukasan ng aking pamilya. I will utilize the money I have earned for my family’s future and educational goals. (I will use what I have won for that.) I’ll set aside money for my kids’ school goals and make company investments, he declared.

Both of the victors urged people to keep attending PCSO games.

On the PCSO Official Website, PCSO Facebook Page, and PCSO GOV Channel on YouTube, you may view lottery results as well as other information about the PCSO games, products, and services.

According to Republic Act No. 1169, winners have one year from the drawing date to collect their prizes in order to avoid forfeiting their earnings.

All lottery jackpot awards must be picked up at the PCSO main office in Mandaluyong City, which is located along Shaw Boulevard.

Winners must write their names and signatures on the reverse of the winning ticket, show two forms of government-issued identification, and claim their winnings.

The general public is also reminded that, in accordance with the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law, rewards above PHP10,000 are subject to a 20% tax.

To raise more money for health initiatives, medical support and services, and charitable organizations, the PCSO is pleading with the public to play its games.

The PCSO distributes money to government organizations in addition to assisting those who require medical aid through its mandated payments.

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