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In a Senate hearing, the DILG and daycare providers solicited input.

The proposed legislation aiming to professionalize the Child Development Worker (CDW) or Daycare Worker jobs will now have a second hearing, the Senate Committee on Social Justice, Welfare, and Rural Development announced on Wednesday.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and the Federation of Daycare Workers (DWs) should be invited to the second hearing to discuss the current structure in the management of Daycare or Child Development Centers in the nation, according to Senator Imee Marcos, who chairs the committee.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) provided the committee with the initial information that as of 2021, there will be 79,451 CDWs and DWs working in tenured and untenured posts without receiving minimum salaries and benefits.

According to the DSWD, of the aforementioned amount, 17,479 people are employed in casual positions, 23,835 in contractual positions, 5,561 in job orders, 15,890 in positions covered by memoranda of agreement, and only 8,739 are employed in permanent roles.

According to the DSWD, as of July 2022, 14,725 CDWs nationwide were paid an honorarium or remuneration that was below PHP1,000, while only 1,054 CDWs were paid more than PHP1,000.

Marcos pointed out that daycare workers abroad are paid far more than Filipinos are here.

“Daycare providers are really paid significantly more than teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools abroad. merely due to the delicate, challenging, and tiring nature of the work, “She spoke.

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian has affirmed his support for the legislation while highlighting the importance of the 0–4 age range for children.

“To care for our kids’ needs and educate them, we need specialists. I agree with the move toward professionalism. Additionally crucial are the proper hiring and compensation of employees. However, structurally speaking, we must address this first “Gatchalian made this statement in reference to the application of the Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) Act, also known as Republic Act 8980.

“Unusually, the DILG does not belong to the ECCD. The DILG is not a part of the implementation we are asking the LGUs to do. Therefore, even if the ECCD Council develops a standard, it lacks the necessary “teeth” to be put into practice. Because of this, the rollout on the ground is mabagal (slow) “Added he.

The proposed Magna Carta for Child Development Workers or Daycare Workers calls for the creation of plantilla jobs, including CDW 1 and 2 and DW 1 and 2, with the accompanying qualifications and salary grades approved by the Civil Service Commission.

When implemented, the proposed policy, according to the DSWD, will provide benefits and tenure security to CDWs who are currently employed by the government through local government units, protecting the future of 11 million Filipinos aged 4 years and under.

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