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Service expansion by Manila Water in Mindanao

The Anflo Industrial Estate (AIE) in Panabo, Davao del Norte, will get more water facilities thanks to a 25-year agreement between The Manila Water Philippine Ventures, Inc. (MWPV) and Damosa Land Inc.

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The Manila Water Company’s (Manila Water) business unit MWPV would invest at least PHP150 million in the planning, funding, building, operation, and management of the 63-hectare property’s water system.

In order to satisfy the anticipated daily demand of 2.6 million liters of water, the cooperation between MWPV and DLI brings in additional water facilities to be incorporated into the current system.

AIE provides services to a wide range of businesses, including food processing, the production of plastic packaging, the assembly of paper packaging, and storage.

The development in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, where active developers like Damosa Land, along with their visionary president, Mr. Cary Lagdameo, share a common vision of ensuring water security and accessibility to all Filipinos, is where we look for opportunities to expand our services beyond the East Zone of Metro Manila and Rizal province, says Roberto Jose Locsin, chief operating officer for international businesses and chief administrative officer of Manila Water.

“It would be an immense honor and privilege for us at Manila Water to realize this vision, whether by serving them through industrial opportunities like the Damosa Land industrial estate or through future opportunities within the Davao region where we can impart our knowledge and skills in water and wastewater management to the people of Mindanao,” he continued.

The property development division of the Anflocor Group, which has been in the vanguard of growth in Mindanao, is DLI, a leading real estate and agro-industrial developer in Davao.

“Damosa Land understands how crucial a dependable water supply system is for our locators in order to maintain effective day-to-day company operations over an extended length of time. In a statement, DLI President Ricardo “Cary” Lagdameo said, “Our relationship with the MWPV enables us further accelerate our sustainable operations in the Anflo Industrial Estate and upraise the industrial area of Davao for our present and future locators.

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