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The US disputes Beijing’s allegations that spy balloons were in Chinese airspace.

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On Monday, the US refuted Beijing’s claims that the US had been using surveillance balloons to fly into Chinese territory. These claims were made after the US shot down a fourth “unidentified object” over the weekend.

Three of the objects have not been assigned a nation or function by the US, but Washington has openly assigned the first object to China, claiming the balloon was a surveillance aircraft connected to the Chinese military.

On February 4, an F-22 fighter plane shot it down off the coast of South Carolina. The aircraft was claimed by China, who said it was actually a meteorological balloon that veered off course.

The balloon, according to the Biden administration, was a component of a sizable fleet of Chinese surveillance balloons that were used to monitor more than 40 nations on five continents.

In the interim, three further airborne items have been shot down, one of which was an unidentified object that was shot down on Sunday over Lake Huron.

According to numerous sources, China said on Monday that the US has flown 10 spy balloons over its territory since January 2022, claiming that this was “quite typical” for the US to conduct in the airspace of other countries.

We’re not deploying surveillance balloons above China, the White House vehemently disputed the accusations.

The balloons that the US has determined to be under Chinese control, according to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby, “have offered limited additional capabilities to the PRC’s other intelligence platforms utilized over the United States.”

He continued, using the formal abbreviation for China, “but in the future, if the PRC continues to enhance this technology, it certainly could become more useful to them.”

Following the discovery of the balloon that was shot down on February 4, Kirby said that the US and Canada had “been more closely studying that airspace, including improving our radar capabilities,” which may have contributed to the detection of the three other nameless aircraft.

North American Aerospace Defense Command is a joint military command run by Washington and Ottawa (NORAD).

The three unidentified aircraft were “exactly on the edge of” altitudes used for commercial air traffic and were flying at a lower altitude than the balloon that was shot down over US territorial seas, according to Kirby.

According to Kirby, the US is “laser-focused” on determining the “nature and purpose” of the three unexplained objects that have been shot down recently, including through continuous attempts to gather their debris, much of which is in isolated, arctic regions.

According to him, the wreckage from the plane that crashed over Lake Huron is most likely now in “extremely deep” waters.

The White House reports that no new objects are currently being tracked.

In order to analyze the balloons and unexplained objects and their policy implications for “detection, analysis, and disposition,” Kirby added, US President Joe Biden ordered the creation of an interagency committee on Monday.

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