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Hatay will host World Central Kitchen for as long as is necessary.

A spokesperson with the non-profit group Global Central Kitchen, which is committed to serving meals in response to the humanitarian catastrophe, stated that the organization will remain in the earthquake-stricken Hatay province of Türkiye for “as long as” is required.

World Central Kitchen landed in the province of Hatay one day after twin earthquakes shook the southern part of Turkey, according to Maxwell Eaton, the organization’s regional leader, who spoke to Anadolu.

Eaton remarked, “We’re here to support them while they’re rebuilding, while they’re in a time of crisis.

Even if it is difficult to predict, he said that it will be present for “at least two months.”

He continued, “Part of what we do, working in partnership with local eateries and businesses, is we set up processes… so that they can go on after we depart. We want to stay in the area as long as they need us, so.

Eaton noted that World Central Kitchen established many outlets in the Antakya town of Hatay and claimed the organization collaborated with neighborhood eateries and caterers and is currently establishing its own kitchen.

“We have several distribution points spread out around the city. Also, we are delivering food to the communities in the southern part of Antakya, between here and Samandag “explained he.

Cooking will begin in our own kitchen tomorrow (the publication date will alter),” Eaton stated.

Eaton noted that they presently provide daily service to close to 30,000 individuals in the area “We want to advance that as far as possible till the demand is satisfied.

We currently estimate that between 70,000 and 100,000 meals per day may be required.

“Working with us”: earthquake victim

Eaton responded that an earthquake survivor is working with World Central Kitchen to help other victims when asked whether he had come across a tale that touched his heart.

He continued, “His name is Mert, and he lost his home. “But he comes to work with us every day so we can see someone who has been through something similar. Our entire team has been impressed by how driven he is and how eager he is to learn for his community.”

“Being sympathetic makes it simple to comprehend how painful it would be to be in this circumstance, which makes this work challenging. And I believe that every time I meet someone, I gain a better understanding of their circumstance “explained Eaton.

According to him, Global Central Kitchen strives to set an example for how to respond by offering meals in a situation similar to that in Türkiye.

“People come here from all around the world to help, and we can see what’s going on,” he continued. And we want to demonstrate to the public that we are willing to assist.

According to Eaton, his nonprofit is called upon to assist in a wide range of emergencies, such as storms, flooding, and water poisoning. Even in Ukraine, where it aids Ukrainians who are battling in a hostile environment.

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