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Next week, Ilocos Norte Capitol employees will get performance bonuses.

According to Governor Matthew Joseph Manotoc’s announcement on Tuesday, Ilocos Norte government employees will receive their performance-based bonuses (PBB) the following week.

Manotoc made the announcement while thanking all employees of the provincial government, especially those working for the Provincial Resiliency Office, Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office, and the Provincial Engineering Office, who had put in extra hours despite the recent natural disasters that the province had experienced.

PBB is a system for rewarding local government employees for successful leadership and work-related accomplishments of a local government unit (LGU). It was launched in 2012 to recognize and reward public employees who work admirably.

Manotoc claims that the PBB will be given out “pro-rated” to encourage staff members even more for a job well done.

According to provincial human resource and management officer Fe Siazon on Tuesday, “this involves roughly a thousand regular and casual staff covering January to December 2021.”

According to the regulations, accountable entities such as qualifying agencies, departments, and LGUs are assessed based on four criteria: performance results, process results, financial results, and citizen/client satisfaction results.

The LGU must obtain a total score of at least 70 points and a minimum rating of four for at least three PBB-based criteria in order to be eligible for the grant.

In addition to the PBB, Siazon said that qualified workers will also receive their yearly mid-year bonus, which will be paid out no earlier than November 15, 2022.

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