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A teachers’ organization requests an increase in the relief allowance

In response to inflation concerns, the Association of Concerned Teachers-National Capital Region (ACT-NCR) Union proposed a raise in the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) for educators from the current PHP2,000 to PHP5,000 on Tuesday.

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The ACT-NCR Union claimed in an open letter to Vice President and Education Secretary Sara Duterte that rising prices for basic necessities in the nation impact even instructors.

It is now time to raise the Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) to PHP5,000 for all of our teachers and staff, according to the ACT-NCR. “Our PERA has long lingered at PHP2,000, and it is now the time to enhance it to PHP5,000 for all of our instructors and people,” the organization said.

Following the approval of the support for Senate personnel in the amount of PHP50,000, the group made the announcement.

It claimed that from the start of the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, teachers had not gotten any assistance.

“Ang mga guro po hindi po nakatikim ng relief assistance kahit noon panahon ng pandemya. The teachers have not yet received relief help despite the pandemic. Malaking tulong po ito para sa amin sa kapagturo na maayos na hindi iniisip ang kumakalam naming sikmura at pambayad ng tubig at ilaw. It greatly helps us to be able to focus on teaching rather than worrying about our hungry bellies, our water and electricity expenses, the ACT-NCR added.

“Kasabay din sana nito ay ang suporta sa aming hiling na dagdag na sahod, PHP33,000 para sa SG1 (Salary Grade) at naman para sa aming Teacher I (Alongside this, we also support the salary raise proposal of PHP33,000 for SG1 and SG15 for our Teacher 1),” it continued.

The DepEd has not yet offered any commentary on the situation.

Yet Duterte had before promised to prioritize guaranteeing the well-being of educators working for his administration.

Among the first actions the DepEd took were reviewing the Magna Carta of Public School Teachers with lawmakers, collaborating with the health department to provide free medical exams for teachers, addressing concerns about insurance benefits, and offering free legal aid for contracts and loan obligations.

crackdown on corruption

Along with protecting teachers, DepEd stepped up its efforts against negligent employees and service providers who failed to deliver.

DepEd spokesperson Michael Poa stated on Monday that the department’s legal team is examining potential legal actions to take against a specific service provider.

“The department has discovered another instance of a service provider not upholding its contract since the year 2021… The fight against corruption is crucial for enhancing public service delivery, the DepEd acknowledges, he said.

To prevent the ongoing inquiry from being interfered with, the DepEd said that it will withhold more information.

The department is also looking into a DepEd employee who may be engaged in fraudulent behavior.

“The agency is looking into a case involving fraudulent activity by Maricon, a DepEd employee. Administrative processes have been initiated and are now underway for numerous charges, according to Poa.

Following the arrest of Diokno Eje, who was reportedly involved in the appointment fraud in which people were offered posts in the government in exchange for a sizable sum of money, the DepEd made the comments.

It exhorted the populace to keep an eye out for these schemes and report any unethical or fraudulent behavior.

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