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Guidelines adopted to increase benefits for social workers

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Rex Gatchalian, the secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), signed two administrative orders (AOs) on Monday that give public social workers benefits.

Gatchalian approved rules for how public social workers (PSWs) should be granted each Magna Carta benefit, as well as separate rules for how public social welfare and development workers should be granted hazard pay (PSWDs).

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and DSWD Joint Circular No. 1, series of 2018 on the grant of compensation-related Magna Carta benefits to PSWs, according to the DSWD, is supplemented by these.

“Today is very significant. The first of the two administrative orders we are signing ensures that our public social workers receive the Magna Carta, or the additional social protection and benefits, that they are due, according to Gatchalian.

Benefits for PSWs include extra money for work done outside of regular working hours and on non-working days, hazard pay, subsistence allowance, travel/transportation costs, longevity pay, free housing or a housing allowance, the highest base salary after retirement, and clothing allowance.

Meanwhile, internal policies for the awarding of hazard pay are provided by the AO for PSWDs.

In order to ensure the effective implementation of the rules when the signed copies are distributed, Gatchalian also advised DSWD staff to become familiar with them.

The DSWD will continue to create policies and advance the interests of PSWs and PSWDs, which will enhance the provision of social services in the nation.

In a different news release on Monday, DSWD stated that it has given assistance to people in the province of Oriental Mindoro who had been impacted by the oil spill brought on by the motor tanker (MT) Princess Empress’s sinking on February 28 in the waters off Naujan town.

A total of 11,109 family food packs (FFPs) worth PHP7.7 million have already been distributed by the DSWD.

Gatchalian personally oversaw the distribution of aid supplies to the impacted citizens of Barangays Misong, Tagumpay, and Zone 2 in Pola town, Oriental Mindoro, on Saturday.

The DSWD is also planning to run a cash-for-work program for locals who assist in the cleanup of oils that have leaked into the province’s seas.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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