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Modernizing the AFP is essential to protecting marine territory: PBBM

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The Philippine Air Force (PAF) pilots’ proficiency with flight maneuvers was praised by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Wednesday. He also emphasized the necessity of continuing to modernize and enhance the military capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in order to effectively defend the nation’s maritime territory.

A day after flying aboard an FA-50PH fighter jet at the Clark Air Base in Pampanga to observe its capabilities during a flight demonstration, he made this statement.

The PAF invited the Commander-in-Chief to participate in the activity so that he could personally test the aircraft.

Lt. Col. Malbert Maquiling was the pilot of the fighter plane.

“Ang gagaling ata ng natin piloto” (Our pilots are really skilled). Because of this, we must continue to support the modernization of our Military Forces in order to increase our capabilities, he said in a press conference during the unveiling of the Kadiwa ng Pangulo para sa Manggagawa in Quezon City.

And we saw some of the capabilities that were shown to me throughout the flight, and we can understand how crucial this improvement in our capabilities will be, particularly in the defense of our maritime territory, he continued.

The experience of Marcos’ flight was “amazing” and “interesting,” he said.

He claimed that because he had always wanted to, he “took advantage” of the opportunity to ride in the fighter plane.

“Eh nabanggit ko sabi ko masarap siguro makasakay man lang, kasi nabanggit ko na noong lumilipad ‘yung mga fighter jets doon sa pag-uwi namin galing sa mga bisita. I said that it could be fun to be able to ride a passenger jet, so they let me do it, so pinagbigyan naman ako, he said.

When questioned about whether the fighter jet passed over the West Philippine Sea, Marcos replied that they only had the opportunity to fly over its coastline.

“I am not a masyadoong lumapit doon, unfortunately. Actually, we didn’t get too close there. We were walking along the coast. We were merely near the coast),” he remarked.

Marcos led the acceptance and turnover of the final of the Philippines’ three C-295 Medium Lift Aircraft units on Tuesday. He noted that these aircraft are anticipated to strengthen the nation’s defense capabilities.

One of the three brand-new C-295 Medium Lift Aircraft, two of which were delivered last year, is this one. They are anticipated to supplement the four units that the Philippine Air Force (PAF) purchased in 2015 and 2019.

Seven units are currently in the PAF’s inventory.

The C-295 twin-turboprop transport aircraft, made by Airbus Defence and Space, is the most recent generation of tactical airlift in the light and medium segments. It can be used for a variety of missions, including medical evacuation, para drop/airdrop, and civic and humanitarian airlift missions, among others.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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