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Over the summer months, BI expects up to 50K travelers in PH.

Currently, we observe about 36,000 departures and 30,000 arrivals; but, during Holy Week, as the summer season approaches, perhaps we can observe that it can achieve approximately 40,000 to 50,000 per day, according to BI spokesperson Dana Sandoval in a Laging Handa briefing on Friday.

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As the majority of the travel bans imposed by the coronavirus pandemic have already been lifted, Sandoval stated that they anticipate a surge of tourists.

The number of passengers will be lower since we have an arrival cap and travel restrictions not just in the Philippines but also in other countries, which is a major change from the previous two years when our tourism truly declined. We’re now observing a significant increase in travel as a result of our restrictions during the peak of the pandemic, Sandoval continued.

She said, however, that they are expanding the number of immigration counters to accommodate more travelers in response to reports of long lines.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport, where the majority of travelers pass through on their way in and out, is where we want to maximize our workforce, the BI official added.

She continued by saying that in order to reduce passenger lines, they are also working with airport stakeholders.

The length of the line is a problem that demands a multisectoral approach, so we are also getting in touch with and engaging with the airport authorities. We have numerous airport stakeholders, including airlines and airport authorities, who can greatly assist in reducing the lines at our airports in addition to the BI making the most of its human resources, she continued.

More than 30 immigration officers are expected to graduate from the Philippine Immigration Academy in the near future, according to the BI spokesperson.

“At the moment, 38 immigration officers are graduating from the Philippine Immigration Academy. So after graduation, we’ll use them right away. The hiring process is still going on for 147 more immigration officers. So, we continuously hire in order to truly fill all of our openings for immigration officers, Sandoval continued.

In order to avoid crowds, she also suggested that visitors arrive at the airport three hours before their trip.

“Because many of us wish to travel abroad and within the nation. The Immigration Bureau is prepared to assist you. We strongly advise arriving at the airport three hours before your flight, checking in early, and proceeding directly to immigration in order to avoid delays and ensure a trouble-free trip, Sandoval continued.

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