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Recto suggests a complete NAIA review following the T3 power outage.

Ralph Recto, the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, stated on Wednesday that the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has decided to examine the electrical system of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) following the early-Monday power outage at Terminal 3.

A thorough examination of the nation’s failing international airport, according to the Batangas lawmaker, is more appropriate.

Recto continued, “And whatever work has to be completed should be provided as a single package so the remedies won’t be many “Band-Aid of cures,” but rather a wellness package.

Even though this “light bulb moment” had arrived too late, after the airport had been hit by power failures, he insisted that it still needed to be regarded as an urgent request.

Every time NAIA experiences a blackout, the country suffers, he continued.

The NAIA management estimated that a new electrical system would cost PHP1 billion.

“Therefore, the government should buy it, but perhaps not at the price that was floated, if the promised audit of the electricity system would support that proposal. “The biggest procurement sin is panic buying,” he declared. “May pera naman kasi (Really, there is money). The government uses NAIA as a corporate profit center. It’s not charitable.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), which manages NAIA, generated PHP15.2 billion in gross receipts in 2019.

The government’s part of the profits, totaling PHP1.8 billion, was paid over to the National Treasury.

Recto stated that this was in addition to the PHP 2.2 billion tax payments and that the MIAA was still able to report a net income of PHP 5 billion despite the significant deductions.

“MIAA does not currently contribute to airport operations. It’s not just MIAA that makes money from airport operations; tumitiba rin ang mga ahensyang nag-oopisina sa ating pangunahing paliparan. Other organizations running offices are also profiting from our main airport),” he emphasized.

He used the “travel tax” that the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) levied on departing Filipino travelers in 2019 as an example, from which it amassed a staggering PHP7.2 billion.

Recto reported that the Bureau of Immigration (BI) earned PHP10.5 billion in revenue overall in 2019.

He said that the airport security fee, which is wrapped in with the plane ticket, had brought in PHP1.1 billion for the Office for Transportation Security, the organization in charge of the X-ray equipment, in just one year.

“According to the Department of Transportation (DOTR), the electrical system audit is called the NAIA. (The DOTR stated that they were going to conduct an electrical system audit at the NAIA. If there were many sakit, would there not be a full check-up? Why not conduct a thorough examination to determine the best treatment if there are numerous ailments?),” he said.

Recto emphasized that because the MIAA is a business, proper powers do not require congressional authorization.

He claimed that DOTR Secretary Jaime Bautista had the ability and knowledge “to undertake NAIA’s urgent to-do list – the ones which are not cosmetic, but essential.”

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