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Israel in PH: Strengthening connections and reaching out to all societal sectors

Israel has long-standing links with the Philippines and is strongly interested in fostering those ties even further through innovation, disaster preparedness, defense, agriculture, trade, and investment.

Sending Filipino farmers to Israel, technological collaboration and even the sharing of medical knowledge were just a few of the engagements between the two countries over the past few years.

The Israeli Embassy in the Philippines organized an outreach program in San Juan and Quezon City to meet with orphaned children and victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking as the two countries celebrated their 65-year friendship.

At the 75th Israel Independence Day dinner on Thursday evening, Ilan Fluss, the Israeli ambassador to the Philippines, told reporters, “The approach of the embassy and my approach here is to engage as much as possible with a broader society.”

“As you can see, I also travel frequently outside of Metro Manila to get involved in helping where we can after typhoons and other natural disasters and to better understand the nation and its problems.”

On Wednesday, Fluss and his wife Gila attended the Rhythmania mini-concert at the Laura Vicua Foundation, Inc. (LVF), an orphanage for girls primarily victims of human trafficking.

The Israeli Embassy sent the drummer band to the Philippines, where they entertained the orphans while playing percussion instruments made from recycled materials.

The band involved the kids in their performance through brief skits and a dance move competition, entertaining them with rousing beats and coordinated moves.

After the monotony of their exam week, according to LVF managing director Sister Maria Victoria Palomo Sta. Ana, the mini-concert, made the orphans’ day.

The orphans are pursuing modular classes at nearby universities, including the University of Santo Tomas – Angelicum.

She said they are somewhat restricted in the structure, which will help them use their imaginations to perform a variety of things, including drumming.

They observed the tools were very simple and said, “We can use cans and water jars,” as said in the poem, “Nakita nila the instruments used very simple pala pwede pala yung mga cans, ‘yung water jars.”

According to Fluss, the performance of the three female drummers also promotes women’s equality and might serve as motivation for the orphans.

This is a part of Israel’s strategy to establish a genuine connection with you, support you on your life’s path, and show you how to find ways to make success simple. You will receive all the necessary tools, and perhaps we can even help so that you can move past your past traumas, he stated.

Since its founding in 1990, the LVF has served as a haven for girls who have experienced sexual assault and human trafficking.

The charity ensures that each orphan receives emotional and mental health care from a psychiatrist and academic support.

Additionally, it engages in preventive initiatives, such as operating a mobile child protection clinic where Sta. Ana and her other social workers fight to stop child abuse, human trafficking, and violence.

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