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Ten of the top MSMEs’ products will be on display at the ASEAN Summit.

A local official said here on Friday that ten leading local micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) will exhibit their goods at the 42nd ASEAN Summit, which will be placed in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai District in East Nusa Tenggara Province (NTT), from May 9 to 11.

“The central committee has instructed us to choose and prepare the top 10 MSMEs so they can participate by showcasing their goods at the Meruorah Hotel, which serves as the summit’s primary location. Theresia Asmon, head of the West Manggarai Cooperative, MSME, Manpower, and Transmigration Office, told ANTARA that they originate from various parts of NTT.

The ten MSMEs will display the best of their handcraft creations, including woven fabrics, apparel, and other accessories. They will also serve various West Manggarai-specific meals and beverages in addition to the artwork.

Asmon asserts that because they have all participated in events with a global scope, the business actors he has selected will in fact serve their best goods.

She thinks that by participating in such an event, businesspeople and artisans will be able to increase their confidence, motivating them to continue to raise the caliber of their products.

Asmon pointed out that other MSMEs that weren’t chosen to participate in the main event still have the chance to do so and said that “they can join in other side events; there are other events.”

She praised the significance of the impending occasion, stating that it will offer a sort of free promotion for neighborhood MSMEs to show off their wares to the globe.

Asmon also praised the government for its efforts to support MSMEs in their operations and build their confidence to expand their enterprises.

“This precious momentum will draw numerous additional international events to Labuan Bajo. We must be more enthused going forward because, in my opinion, Labuan Bajo will host many more worthwhile events, she remarked.

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