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Easy Franchise Launches Incubation Program in Search for the Next Big Filipino Franchise

May 10 2023, Philippines – Following the success of the Franchise Day last August 28, 2022, Easy Franchise, the Philippines’ go-to platform for all things franchising, is thrilled to announce the official launch of their Franchise Incubation Program this coming July. First of its kind here in the Philippines, the Franchise Incubation Program will be launched to help to start business owners expand and become the next big franchise by providing end-to-end solutions, including developing their franchise package, understanding their operations, rebranding, and marketing their brand to franchisees.

Easy Franchise is giving businesses with potential, unique selling points, and innovative ideas the chance to win a free franchise incubation service from Easy Franchise. A few lucky businesses will be chosen after a thorough round of vetting, with their franchise incubation fee waived.

Easy Franchise’s approach to business expansion sets it apart from traditional franchise development programs. Rather than focusing solely on creating a franchise package and requiring significant investment from business owners, Easy Franchise’s Incubation Program aims to simplify the expansion process by providing a more holistic franchising model. This comprehensive approach covers everything from franchise development to store operations assistance, allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies. Using transformation with innovative concepts, Easy Franchise aims to transform businesses into cutting-edge franchises that will stand out in the market. 

Applications for the Franchise Incubation Contest will be accepted until July 1, 2023, and are open to solo businesses that want to venture into franchising, as well as businesses that already have franchises who want to continue developing their structure through Easy Franchise. The winners will be announced on Franchise Day, August 28, 2023, the first online franchise event in the Philippines, now in its third year.

“We’re looking for small businesses with the potential to become big,” says Bubbles Lim, Managing Director, Easy Franchise. โ€œOur goal is to make sure that you have a partner throughout the entire process of franchising your business and not just creating your Easy Franchise package. This is also in line with our longtime vision to find the next big Filipino franchise with the goal of understanding and answering their franchising pain points beyond just developing your franchise package and structure through franchising.”

Beyond just creating a franchise package, the benefits of this program include growth and efficiency with readily available toolkits customized depending on the business model of their brand partner, best practices and real-life examples from current brand partners, and accurate revenue streams, which will be the franchise brandโ€™s source of income once they expand through franchising.

Participation in the contest is free of charge and is open to various brands from sectors such as F&B, service, logistics, health and medicine, and more. Easy Franchise is seeking businesses with distinctive selling points and promising potential, and the Incubation Program Winners will be given the Franchise Incubation Package for free, originally valued at over 1 million pesos. 

“We’re excited to see what innovative ideas our future franchise partners have in store,” says Lim. “We’re confident that our Franchise Incubation Program will help them grow and become the next big thing in the franchising industry.”

About Easy Franchise

Easy Franchise is the Philippines’ first go-to platform for all things franchising. The platform provides a comprehensive database of franchising opportunities, as well as resources and support for entrepreneurs who are interested in franchising. Easy Franchise is committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed in franchising and believes that franchising is a great way to grow a successful business.

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