October 30, 2021

In November, the business community argues for a lower alert level in the NCR.

Due to the dropping number of cases of coronavirus disease in 2019 (Covid-19) in the National Capital Region, business owners are urging the government to lower the alert level for Metro Manila in November (NCR).

Joey Concepcion, Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and creator of Go Negosyo, said in a statement on Thursday that the business community is hoping that the NCR would be placed on Alert Level 2 next month, allowing for more capacity for indoor and outdoor company activities.

Concepcion quoted OCTA Research data indicating that by the end of November, the number of Covid-19 cases in the country might be less than 2,000 per day.

“This is excellent news for businesses since they will be closer to achieving their ultimate objective of working at full capacity. This is critical for businesses because it allows them to cover operational costs such as employee salaries and supplies, among other things,” he noted.

According to him, when operating capacity grows, more employment will be reintroduced to the labor market.

The NCR is currently at Alert Level 3, which means businesses may only function at 30% indoor capacity for fully vaccinated people and 50% for outside activities regardless of vaccination status.

When a business moves to Alert Level 2, it will be able to function at 50% capacity for interior services and 70% capacity for outside activities.

“Increasing capacity would necessitate more manpower, which would be a positive development for people who have lost their jobs temporarily or are now working different shifts to offer everyone a chance to earn.” “They now have the option to earn a living and provide for their families,” Concepcion remarked.

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