November 5, 2021

PRRD is being urged by an advocacy organization to certify the EdCom Bill as urgent.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been urged by the Philippine Business for Education (PBEd) to certify House Bill No. 10308, also known as the Education Commission (EdCom) Bill, as urgent.

The advocacy group also encouraged the bill’s passage in the 18th Congress by the Senate and House of Representatives.

The EdCom Bill aims to establish a non-permanent organization made up of academics, private sector representatives, teachers, school administrators, and education professionals that will assess the current state of education and make recommendations for improvement.

“Adequate representation in EdCom ensures that ground-level practical and theoretical expertise is heard. It also makes reforms easier to implement because recipients are involved not just in the conversations, but also in the outcomes,” stated PBEd chair Ramon del Rosario Jr. at a press conference on Thursday.

Del Rosario went on to say that the EdCom Bill will also serve as a template for education in the country, helping to improve student welfare and learning results.

The advocacy group also lobbied for increased funding for education, similar to what Southeast Asian countries invest in their education sectors.

“Let us make educators a priority and encourage them to be the best and brightest in their field,” he continued.

As the campaign season approaches, PBEd president Chito Salazar said the government should find ways to get students back to school as soon as possible, address malnutrition, form an assessment agency, and continue to support the test and Senior High School vouchers, despite the bill’s time constraints.

Salazar said that while these initiatives do not necessitate legislation, they may aid in the improvement of the educational system.

“However, EdCom is critical in the long run since many of our problems are systemic,” he continued.

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