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Techniques for Dealing With Dyslexia on a Day-to-Day Basis

As an adult with dyslexia, you are not exempt from completing daily chores that are necessary for your existence. As a result, exercising various methods for dealing with the condition’s frequent challenges can be quite beneficial in one way or another.

Aloud Reading

Reading aloud can be highly beneficial since it allows you to catch your faults and keep track of your voice. This procedure is frequently carried out with the use of a tape recorder.

You read aloud while recording on your recorder in this manner. Then you listen to what you’ve just recorded to see if there are any mistakes.

Your recorder serves as a “spotter” for any reading errors you make.

Keeping Track of Time

One issue that a dyslexic may experience is keeping track of time, appointments, and timetables. One approach to avoid being misled about whether it is night or day is to adopt the 24-hour clock format.

What You Can Remember Should Be Written

When reading something long, it’s common to have difficulty grasping what you’ve just read. Writing down what you can recall from what you’ve just read is one technique to deal with this. For example, you might jot down thoughts in your notebook for each page you complete.

However, because you would have to write down everything that is on your mind, this condition may appear to be a lengthy task. Nonetheless, despite the fact that it takes some time, it is really beneficial in the long term.

Just the Right Amount of Light

When you have dyslexia, illumination in your environment is very important. Many people have discovered that reading under bright light slows them down. This is why having the proper lighting is crucial. Some people like to read in soft white light or even in complete darkness.

Regain Control of Your Thoughts

You will have a tougher time grasping what you are attempting to learn if you are taking in too much information. As a result, if you feel that you are no longer productive as a result of too much information, it is time to take a break.

You should reorganize your thoughts. You can do this by just going outside and taking a long, leisurely walk to obtain some fresh air. You might also try going to a quiet spot and doing some meditation there.

Spelling with your fingers

The fingerspelling approach can be beneficial if you have poor spelling skills. It operates by raising a finger for each phoneme or consonant within the word. You may “see” the noises using this way. It can also determine which sounds aren’t present.

Making Use Of A Keyboard

Some persons with dyslexia find that using a keyboard makes it easier to spell words. Some people find that typing has a relaxing effect, whereas writing by hand has the opposite effect.

These are some of the more unusual methods for reducing the impact of dyslexia in your life. The approaches mentioned are often subjective, and depending on your condition, they may or may not be beneficial.

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