November 20, 2021

Department of Tourism has launched a bike trail tourism project in Pangasinan.

In the midst of the pandemic, the Department of Tourism (DOT) in this city has launched the bike trail tourism project, which will aid in physical and mental health and attract more domestic tourists.

In an interview on Friday, DOT Ilocos regional director Joseph Francisco Ortega explained that this is part of a tourism recovery plan that focuses on outdoor activities.

“We wanted to cater to domestic tourists because we are unable to cater to foreign tourists at this time,” he explained.

Ortega stated that this is one of DOT’s new products for the new normal.

“Tourism is about more than just travel; it is also about healing. It is for our mental well-being “He stated.

The DOT, the local government unit, and biker groups in Pangasinan, according to Ortega, have mapped out trails for beginners, amateurs, and professional bikers.

“The next step is to navigate or test out the trails provided by travel agencies. They will also create packages for tourists to purchase “He stated.

He added that the San Fabian bike trail is the “most ready” for the new tourism product because it already has trails and a biker’s den.

During the launch on Thursday, San Fabian Mayor Constante Agbayani thanked DOT for the project.

“Since the construction of the biker’s den here, many more establishments and businesses have sprouted up. It was extremely beneficial to the residents of the upland barangays in terms of their livelihood “He stated.

Additional tourism products

In addition to Pangasinan, Ortega stated that the DOT Ilocos regional office will launch a nature trail in La Union, a bird-watching trail in Ilocos Norte, and food and tourism research inventory management for the region.

“These are intended to be developed this year and promoted the following year. As a result, we set aside funds for promotion the following year “He stated.

He also stated that the DOT will prioritize environmental protection and awareness, as well as climate change mitigation and awareness.

“By incorporating these into DOT products like the eco-trail and bird watching, among others, we will input values of education on how to take care of their surroundings or environment,” Ortega explained.

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