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A Turkey Adventure Vacation

If a trip to Turkey is mentioned, many people will raise their eyebrows. A trip to Turkey, particularly Gaziantep, is a fun-filled ADVENTURE for those who enjoy adventure vacations! This is due to the fact that the province of Gaziantep is located in the southeast of the country, where most tourists have never visited.

If you want to go on an adventure vacation in Turkey, Gaziantep is the place to go because it is a commercialized city with all of the amenities that you are accustomed to. Despite its commercialization, however, you can still sense the rich culture that has existed for over 4,000 years. Gaziantep, originally known as ‘Ayintap,’ was a major settlement area during the Roman, Ottoman Hittite, Persian, Babylonian, and Byzantine empires.

Gaziantep, located at the crossroads of Southeastern Anatolia, Asia, Europe, and the Mediterranean, is a fascinating place to visit because it bears the woven influences of many civilizations close to the borders.

The old city center of Gaziantep is particularly interesting, as traditional stone houses with distinctive architectural features can still be found there. The great 6th-century Gaziantep Fortress, as well as the Ravanda citadel surrounded by tiny palaces, mosques, watchtowers, a bathhouse, and the Mehmet Gazali Tomb, can be found here.

Those interested in archeology should pay a visit to the Archaeological Museum, which houses a unique and rare collection of artifacts from the province’s Hittite and Neolithic empires. Gaziantep is also home to some of Turkey’s most valuable Roman relics. Day trips to Mount Nemrut, where you can see a historic monolithic sculpture, can be arranged for more thrilling adventures.

What to think about

More interesting activities and places to visit can be found by conducting a simple search on the Gaziantep province. But, before you decide to visit the location for an adventure vacation, take the following into consideration:

  • Are you ready to experience a culture that is completely different from your own? This is crucial to consider because you will not enjoy your vacation if you are prone to “culture shock.” To prepare yourself for other cultures, do some preliminary research to gain a general understanding of the area.

This research should include the basic pieces of information that a tourist should know about the location, such as how to get there, places that offer lodging and accommodation, paper requirements, the lifestyle of the people who live there, food available to you, and what your options are, and what clothes to wear. (Remember that Turkey is a Muslim country, so dress codes are more stringent, especially for women.)

  • What is your financial budget? Before you book your adventure trip, make sure this is taken care of. Inquire with travel agencies that handle and arrange visits to Gaziantep to find out how much you will spend going and staying there. It is preferable to have the travel agency arrange everything for you if the cost fits your budget.

However, if the cost is prohibitive and you still want to proceed, begin your research by visiting Gaziantep-related websites on the Internet. Although it will take up some of your time, it will cost you less money.

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