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Personal Gear for a Cold-Weather Adventure Sailing Vacation

It is not necessary to go on an adventure sailing vacation when the seas are calm and the weather is warm. This can happen even in freezing weather, which is why everyone is needed to bring personal equipment to make the most of the trip and ensure everyone’s safety.

A pair of sailing gloves, a wet weather jacket, pants, boots, a personal strobe light, a safety harness, middle layer pants, middle layer jacket, thermal underwear, thermal gloves, neck tube, beanie, sun hat, ski goggles, sunglasses, sleeping bag, waterproof touch and batteries, towel, and a crew bag are all items you’ll need for your sailing adventure.

Because there will be some port calls, you should bring some street clothing with you so you may go sightseeing and shopping. It’s also a good idea to carry a camera with you so you can shoot pictures because you’ll never see scenes like this back home.

Don’t forget to bring deodorant, cream, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, batteries, charger, and anything else you’ll need for the duration of your vacation, including any prescription you’ll need to take as prescribed by your doctor. This should be kept in a watertight container and shared with the skipper.

Those who have done this before and wish to improve their skills can bring a compass, chart, binoculars, and GPS along with them. This will aid them with navigating in the water, so they should be able to do it on their own when they are ready.

You should have no trouble with all of this personal gear. Here are a few items that you do not need to bring.

Your cell phone will be useless in the ocean, so don’t bother carrying it with you. There is a satellite phone onboard as well as a radio for the captain to send out a distress call in the event of an emergency.

There are also flares and other signaling equipment on board so that if the ship is in distress, rescuers can quickly locate it. A first aid kit is already available for minor injuries such as cuts and bruises, so you won’t need to bring one with you.

Personal belongings should be packed in a foldable bag that can be stashed once the rest of your belongings have been removed and placed in a locker or bunk. Given the limited room onboard such ships, this will also allow other people to do the same.

In exchange for signing up for this sailing excursion, you will receive a room, linens, pillows, bath towels, fresh meals served by the crew, and possibly a free T-shirt. Aside from the photos you’ll be shooting and exhibiting to family and friends back home, this is perhaps the nicest keepsake you’ll ever have.

Except for the fact that you will require warmer clothes, personal equipment for an adventure sailing holiday in a cold region is similar to that for sailing in warmer waters. You can acquire a copy of everything you need to carry from the skipper or the charter business before the trip so you can make sure you have everything you need because you’ll be gone for a long time.

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