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The number of new Covid-19 infections has dropped to 14.5K, with 190K ongoing cases.

The number of new Covid-19 infections and active cases in the country has decreased, according to the Department of Health, which reported 14,546 new cases on Monday.

According to the DOH’s daily Covid-19 bulletin, active cases have dropped to 190,818 from 202,604 on Sunday.

177,584 active cases had mild symptoms, 8,239 were asymptomatic, 3,126 had moderate symptoms, 1,540 had severe symptoms, and 329 were in serious condition.

There have been 25,600 new recoveries, bringing the overall number of recoveries in the country to 3,315,381, or 93.1 percent of all reported infections.

A total of 112 new deaths were also reported, up from 20 on Sunday, bringing the overall number of Covid-19 cases in the country to 54,003, or 1.52 percent of all known cases.

According to the most recent testing data, 52,013 Covid-19 tests were conducted on Saturday, with a positivity percentage of 28.4%.

There are 4,000 beds in critical care units (ICUs) with a 46 percent occupancy rate, 21,100 isolation beds with a 46 percent occupancy rate, 15,400 ward beds with a 48 percent occupancy rate, and 25% of 3,100 ventilators are in use across the country.

There are 1,400 ICU beds with a 38 percent occupancy rate, 5,200 isolation beds with a 35 percent occupancy rate, 3,900 ward beds with a 41 percent occupancy rate, and 26 percent of 1,100 ventilators in use in the National Capital Region.

Meanwhile, the Philippine National Police (PNP) stated that 122 of its officers had recovered from the coronavirus on Monday.

According to the most recent PNP data, there have been 46,460 recoveries since the epidemic began in 2020.

New infections total 132, fatalities total 126, and ongoing cases total 1,607.

Approximately 97 percent of PNP employees are completely vaccinated, which equates to 218,371 people. Only 5.872 personnel, or 2.61 percent, are awaiting their second dose.

Those who received their booster or third dose were assigned to the 39.91 percentile, or 87,159 people. The number of people who need booster shots is 959, or 0.42 percent.

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