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Demo farms provide free vegetables to medical front-line workers and patients.

The first harvest of vegetables from three farms in this town that used precision farming and drip irrigation was shared with medical front-line workers and patients at provincial government hospitals.

According to Mayor Maria Angela Garcia, 168 kilograms (kgs) of tomatoes and 83 kilograms (kgs) of eggplants were distributed for free to those in the district hospitals in Dinalupihan, Mariveles, Bagac, and Orani, as well as the mega quarantine facility in Orani, the Mariveles Mental Wellness and Medical Center, and the Bataan General Hospital in Balanga City.

Wilfredo Adriano of Barangay San Simon began harvesting 1.8 tons of tomatoes on January 26, while Flordorada Payar of Barangay Colo and Ariel Mallari of Barangay Dalao began collecting 1.5 tons of eggplants on their fields using drip irrigation, an Israel farm technology.

Other high-value crops grown on the program’s fields include pepper, okra (lady’s fingers), squash, corn, melon, and watermelon.

This year’s harvest will be continuous in March and April, according to town administrator Rollie Rojas.

“Mga masustansiyang gulay at prutas para sa programa ng nutrisyon tungo sa healthy lifestyle ng bawat Bataeo,” the Dinalupihan mayor remarked in an interview.

Garcia’s plan to turn Dinalupihan into a model “agropolis” in Central Luzon is funded by a public-private collaboration between the Bataan provincial government and Agrileverโ€“Israel.

Its goal is for farmers to generate four times more output from high-value crops using precision farming than they would with traditional methods.

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