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Laguna is inspired by the success of the national vaccine effort to schedule her own jab day.

Laguna province will have a special vaccination day this month, inspired by the statewide “Bayanihan, Bakunahan” immunization program, Governor Ramil Hernandez announced on Thursday.

“On December 13, pinaplano natin [na sa], kokopyahin po namin yung national program. (We want to imitate the national level on December 13th.) A provincial immunization day will be held, “Hernandez mentioned this during a news conference held at the Sta. Rosa Multi-Purpose Sports Complex in Laguna as part of the Bayanihan Bakunahan monitoring trip.

Hernandez further stated that cash incentives would be given out to the top-performing municipality and city during the vaccination event to further push the communities to vaccinate as many residents as possible.

“As a motivation to our coworkers’ efforts, kung sino ang magna-number one sa municipality level at sa city level ay bibigyan po natin ng (As a motivation to our coworkers’ efforts, whichever ends up at number one in the municipality and city levels will be awarded) PHP250,000,” he said.

achieving the goal

Hernandez’s declaration came as the province received more good news in its race to gain herd immunity from Covid-19.

During the first three days of the Bayanihan Bakunahan program, he stated Laguna had actually surpassed its objective of Covid-19 vaccination recipients.

“Noong pinagsama-sama po ang lahat ng mga munisipyo, cities, at ng probinsya, nakakuha tayo ng 122 percent sa ating (After collecting all of the municipalities’, cities’, and province’s) efforts,” Hernandez added.

According to him, the regional government was only aiming for 210,000 persons who were vaccinated during the original Bayanihan Bakunahan period, which lasted from Monday to Wednesday.

During the three-day immunization program, some 256,000 people showed up, he noted.

Incentivizing vaccination was one reason that contributed to the province’s immunization drive’s success, according to Hernandez.

“Whenever we go down to inoculate, we give away three kilograms of rice,” Hernandez explained.

He claimed that the inducement drew a large crowd to a vaccination station in his hometown of Calamba.

“On the first day, 1,500 people flocked to the Calamba immunization location. On the second day, we vaccinated 1,500 people at a vaccination site in Calamba, and nakaapekto yung nabalitaan na magbibigay ng bigas, naka 3,000 po kami ng nabakunahan (On the first day, we vaccinated 1,500 people at a vaccination site in Calamba.) We had 3,000 people immunized on the second day, possibly as a result of the word that we were giving free rice) “Hernandez remarked.

Expect the final number to rise much higher now that the national vaccination push has been extended to Friday.

Despite the Bayanihan Bakunahan’s success in his area, Hernandez claims that the provincial government has failed to set a target number of vaccinated persons for the province’s immunization day.

Before finalizing the details of the Dec. 13 event, he said a meeting with all of the province’s health officers would be held first.

“Imi-meeting pa namin ang mga (We’ll meet the) city and municipal health officers, then magse-set tayo ng (we’ll set a) objective,” Hernandez added. “Ayoko naman na magbigay agad sa ganitong quota na hindi pa natin nakikita mismo yung general evaluation natin”

“Ibe-based natin sa capacity natin na ginawa noong national immunization day,” says the official. Di na tayo lalayo doon (We’ll set the goal based on our capacity at the national vaccination day.) We won’t have to travel far from there),” he continued.

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