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The bishop of Bataan reminded Pinoys of their voting rights and responsibilities.

BALANGA CITY. On Wednesday, Bishop Ruperto C. Santos of the Diocese of Balanga reminded Filipinos, particularly sailors and abroad Filipino workers, to vote in the May 9 local and national elections.

“Our country is about to witness a historic event. We’re all a part of it and have a stake in it. In his pastoral statement, the prelate stated, “This is about us and for us.”

“Karapatan, Katungkulan, and Kinabukasan (Right, Duty, and Future)” are three “Ks” to remember before voting, according to Santos.

He stated that voting is a right of the people and that no one should threaten or force anyone to vote.

He explained, “It’s a manifestation of our free will and ability to judge who is true, authentic, and honorable to lead us.”

Santos further stated that it is the responsibility of the people to vote and express what is on their minds and hearts.

“Voting is our right that we must exercise and provide real action,” he said, urging people not to waste their vote.

The bishop compared voting to sowing seeds, which eventually generate crops that may be harvested.

“Whoever we elect to represent us in government will undoubtedly have an impact on us.” We shall reap the benefits of the folks we voted for’s hard work. “When we vote, we should contemplate and pray diligently for a good, peaceful, and successful future,” Santos stated.

He also taught the four “Ps” that migrant seafarers and laborers should consider when casting their ballots.

“Programa sa trabaho, pangangalaga sa buhay at sa inyong mga mahal sa buhay na naiwan, paggalang sa inyo at sa inyong karapatang pangtao, and pagpaparusa sa mga nanglilinlang, umabuso at nagpahamak sa inyo,” he

“It doesn’t matter if you have a famous name or if you have a good appearance. Who does what is genuine, good, and moral is more significant. Let us now use our hands to select and vote for persons who are true, authentic, and moral,” the prelate concluded.

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