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Antiquenos pray for Ukraine’s peace.

Antique SAN JOSE DE BUENAVISTA – During the Ash Wednesday mass, Catholics in Antique joined the rest of the globe in praying for peace in Ukraine.

In an interview on Thursday, Fr. Miguel Parulan, chaplain at Saint Anthony’s College (SAC), said Catholic priests and religious leaders offered a special prayer for peace in war-torn Ukraine in response to Pope Francis’ request, which was delivered to them by Antique Bishop Marvyn Maceda.

“Pope Francis requested that we observe Ash Wednesday as a day of fasting and prayer for peace in Ukraine,” he stated.

The commemoration of Ash Wednesday served as a reminder to individuals that they came from ashes and will return to ashes.

“We urge the people to be humble regardless of what they have right now or what field they are in,” the chaplain stated, “since everyone will return to ashes in the future.”

People become more giving, empathetic, and helpful to others by humbling themselves and recognizing that they will also return to ashes, according to Parulan.

As a preventative measure against the coronavirus sickness 2019, ashes were sprinkled on the crown of the heads of the faithful who attended the mass this year, rather than marking the forehead, he stated (Covid-19).

The ashes were from palm leaves burned in a Fat Tuesday ceremony on March 1.

Fat Tuesday is so named because priests and laypeople alike can eat in preparation for the fasting on Ash Wednesday, according to Parulan.

Because Antique is on Alert Level 2, many people attended the Ash Wednesday mass.

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