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🎉 IT’S THE SHIP by M88 Mansion: 10th Edition of Asia’s Biggest Sea Party Lands in Korea 🎤

🌊 Asia’s largest festival at sea, IT’S THE SHIP, celebrates its 10th edition with a spectacular event in Korea, courtesy of M88 Mansion! 🌟


M88 Mansion presents 10th edition of IT’S THE SHIP, Asia’s largest festival at sea, in Korea

M88 Mansion, one of the biggest and most successful online casinos in Asia, is set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of IT’S THE SHIP, Asia’s largest festival at sea, in Korea from May 23 to 26, 2024.

IT’S THE SHIP offers attendees a unique, nonstop party experience for four days and three nights. This year’s festival will sail from the South Korean city of Busan to Nagasaki, Japan, and back aboard the Italian vessel Costa Serena. 

Attendees, affectionately known as shipmates, will enjoy performances from this year’s lineup, including headliners Da Tweekaz, Tchami, Yellow Claw, ACRAZE, Afro Bros, Amber Broos, Quintino, and €URO TRA$H. Additionally, M88 Mansion celebrity partner and brand ambassador Maria Ozawa will also adorn this year’s crowd with a special performance.

Shipmates will also enjoy a list of unique activities, sponsored by M88 Mansion

The scenic Korean coastline, including a live baccarat tournament with a $25,000 prize pool and daily challenges such as Heads Up Poker, Mini Golf Course, Spin the Giant Wheel of Fortune, and a chance to challenge brand ambassador Ozawa in Beer Pong.

As the event’s partner, M88 Mansion will be giving away exclusive M88 Mansion and IT’S THE SHIP merchandise, adding to the excitement of the voyage.

Ben Kee, Partnership Lead of IT’S THE SHIP, shared his excitement about the upcoming voyage.

“IT’S THE SHIP is thrilled to continue our incredible partnership with M88 Mansion with our upcoming maiden charter from Korea. Our previous collaborations have been amazing, and we’re honored to work with a brand whose values and vision are so closely aligned with ours. Together, we have created unforgettable experiences for our shipmates, and we are excited to raise the bar even higher for our next adventure. With M88 Mansion support, we have curated a variety of exciting activities and surprises for our Korean sailing that shipmates can look forward to, and we can’t wait!” said Kee.

M88 Mansion serves as the title sponsor of IT’S THE SHIP Korea 2024 following the successful collaboration between M88 Mansion and IT’S THE SHIP during the Singapore leg in 2023.

The cruise festival has been providing partygoers with electronic music-fueled voyages through Singapore and China since 2014.

For more information and updates on IT’S THE SHIP Korea 2024, you may visit https://korea.itstheship.com/.


About M88 Mansion

M88 Mansion is a prominent brand in sports and online gaming entertainment. It is an internationally recognized brand pioneering and taking pride in its most significant and diversified collection of sports betting offers, casino slot games, and live dealer casino games. It has gained the reputation of being a trustworthy brand and climbed to the top, serving more than a million customers globally.

M88 Mansion website: www.m88.com | LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/m88-mansion/


M88 Mansion is thrilled to present the 10th edition of IT’S THE SHIP, Asia’s largest festival at sea, set to embark on an unforgettable voyage in Korea. This milestone event celebrates a decade of unparalleled sea festival experiences, promising attendees an extraordinary blend of music, entertainment, and adventure. As the ship sails into Korea, festival-goers can expect an epic celebration, complete with top-tier performances and a vibrant party atmosphere. Join the fun and be part of this historic sea festival as IT’S THE SHIP continues to set the standard for maritime entertainment.

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