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Benefits of allowing medical marijuana usage are cited by some organizations.

Legalizing medicinal marijuana will provide patients with access to affordable medications and increase government revenue.

According to Dr. Donnabel Cunanan, spokesman for the Philippine Cannabis Compassion Society (PCCS), medical marijuana will be very helpful in treating cancer patients’ pain as well as those with sleeplessness, epilepsy, and other diseases “medical disorders that are crippling.

Using the example of her child, who has pancreatitis as a result of the adverse effects of synthetic drugs, she added that medical marijuana is not a synthetic substance with side effects.

Cunanan made this remark in reaction to Senator Robin Padilla’s proposal to legalize marijuana for medical use throughout the nation.

Additional investigation into marijuana’s potential medical use and appropriate legal protections are also included in the legislation.

“We want medicinal marijuana to be produced locally because, in the long run, it will be the only way for it to be reasonably priced for each individual patient. The only way to eventually make it inexpensive for Filipinos is that, according to Cunanan, who stated this in a news release on Wednesday.

With at least 80,000 members as of now, the PCCS, which was founded in 2013, works to make medicinal marijuana “safe and available” in the Philippines.

When medical marijuana is produced domestically, according to Dr. Gem Marq Mutia, founder of the Philippine Society of Cannabinoid Medicine, the government will also profit from Padilla’s law through proper revenues.

“The tax imposed by the government is the kagandahan, imbes na mapunta sa ibang bansa ang kita. Pwedeng gamitin bilang pag-aral at pag-research lalo sa medical cannabis (The good thing is that if we import products based on medical marijuana, the money won’t go to other countries; instead, it will go to our government, which will then use it to fund more research on medical marijuana), “said he.

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