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Bataan’s agricultural communities benefit from new road construction.

Two farm-to-market roads (FMR) have been built by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) in the province of Bataan, allowing farmers to transport their goods to consumers and markets with ease.

The DPWH-Department of Agriculture (DA) convergence program is the umbrella organization for the two projects that the Bataan 1st District Engineering Office is carrying out.

The 1.09-kilometer farm-to-market road in Barangay San Simon in Dinalupihan town and the 2.33-kilometer farm-to-market road in Barangay Salian in Abucay town, according to District Engineer Erlindo Flores, Jr.

Flores claimed that one of the Marcos administration’s top priorities for advancing the nation’s agricultural industry is the execution of farm-to-market road projects.

In order for farmers to reach their full potential for expansion, farm-to-market roads are crucial. They will be able to easily transport their goods to important markets both inside and outside of Bataan thanks to these agricultural infrastructures, he said in a statement.

Farmers and locals in Bataan’s agricultural towns and surrounding areas expressed their gratitude to the DPWH for the improvements that make it simpler and faster to transport their agricultural products.

Romeo Magsilang, a farmer in Dinalupihan town, claimed in an interview that the road’s concrete construction substantially shortened travel time, making it simpler for farmers to transport their gathered goods to markets or to customers directly.

In a text message, Magsilang stated, “We no longer have difficulties transporting our products since it is improved and not muddy. Dahil maayos na at hindi na maputik (We no longer have problem in conveying our products because it is not muddy).

A farmer who lives in Abucay named Pablo Esteban talked about the difficulties they had before the road was paved.

Esteban stated, “We really struggled in delivering our items because it was muddy, especially during the rainy season. Talagang nahihirapan kaming i-transport ang aming mga producto.”

He claimed that in addition to the enhanced transportation of agricultural products to markets, people can now readily access fundamental services like health in town centers.

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