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The liberation of Marawi shows the government’s commitment to fighting terrorism.

The government’s dedication to battling terrorism is highlighted by the successful liberation of Marawi City from the control of the Maute terrorist group, which was inspired by the Islamic State five years ago.

Col. Medel Aguilar, the spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), responded to questions from the Philippine News Agency as the nation observed the fifth anniversary of the liberation of Marawi by saying, “The Marawi incident showed the firm resolve of the government against terrorism, and it was the turning point in that since then we have seen the downward trend in frequency and intensity of terror activities perpetrated by local terrorist groups.”

Aguilar stated in a different statement that the AFP is joining the rest of the Filipino people in paying tribute to the heroes who assisted in the liberation of Marawi.

He continued, “The AFP shares the honor and glory of honoring all our soldiers who contributed to the City of Marawi’s liberation from terrorism’s grasp five years ago.

Aguilar emphasized that these heroes’ devotion and sacrifice will leave a legacy that will last forever in the thoughts and hearts of the Filipino people.

We owe it to the heroic and brave service members who fought the Maute terrorist group so that we may continue to fly the Philippine Flag over Marawi City without restriction.

The military continues to win the confidence and support of our people as it does its mandated responsibility of safeguarding them and the country, according to Aguilar, proving that the sacrifices made by these heroes were not in vain.

Aguilar said that our soldiers are still actively taking part in peace and development operations in Marawi to ensure that this regrettable incident in our history won’t happen again. “The crisis may have been finished, but we have never left Marawi,” he added.

Additionally, he reissued the appeal for all Filipinos to support the fight against terrorism.

Aguilar asserted that every citizen of the republic must take part in the effort to combat this menace, not just the government or the security apparatus.

Let’s encourage our people, especially the youth, to be peacemakers in their neighborhoods. He added, “we must continue to improve the whole-of-nation approach to preventing and opposing violent extremism.”

As part of the commemoration, the Philippine Army (PA) also urged soldiers to “go forward while learning from our experiences.”

Lt. Gen. Romeo Brawner Jr., the PA chief, said in his message, “As we have learned many lessons from this tragic incident, committed our collective efforts to rebuild Marawi City, and vowed to prevent a similar incident in the future, let us continue to put our acts together for it is only through this means that we will surely succeed.

To contribute to enduring peace and sustainable development, he also urged troops to continue focusing on military operations and expand their intelligence skills, community relations efforts, and civil-military operations.

Beginning from May 23 and lasting until October 17, 2017, the Marawi siege.

Throughout the five-month conflict, an estimated 847 terrorists and 168 military and other security professionals were killed.

On October 23, 2017, authorities confirmed the demise of Omar Maute, a co-founder of the Maute Group, and Isnilon Hapilon, the commander of the Abu Sayyaf and the ISIS emir for Southeast Asia, the combat, was deemed to be finished.

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