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On Christmas, the majority of Filipinos prefer cash gifts.

A study conducted by the Church on Saturday found that the majority of Filipino Catholics would prefer to receive financial presents this Christmas.

What kind of gift they would prefer for Christmas was a question that was posed to 1,200 respondents in the Veritas Truth Survey (VTS), which was conducted by Church-run Radio Veritas from November 1 to 30.

The majority of respondentsβ€”38%β€”indicated they preferred to receive “gifts in kind” this holiday season compared to 32% who said they wanted “gifts in cash.”

Eight percent were unsure, while 22% stated they desired either monetary or in-kind compensation.

The percentage of female respondents who said they desired financial gifts was 39%, greater than the percentage of male respondents who answered the same (37%).

A study of teenagers (aged 13 to 20) found that 58 percent liked gifts in kind, 17 percent preferred financial gifts, 17 percent stated it doesn’t matter (whether the gift is in cash or kind), saying that it is the thought that counts and 8% were unsure.

53 percent of young adults (aged 21 to 39) preferred financial gifts, 25 percent chose gifts in kind, 15 percent indicated they preferred either of the two, and 7 percent were unsure.

In the 40 to 60 age range, 35% of respondents indicated they preferred financial gifts, and another 35% said they preferred gifts in kind. Twenty-seven percent of respondents indicated it makes no difference, and three percent were unsure.

For older respondents (those 61 and older), 34% preferred financial presents, 31% chose in-kind gifts, 23% said it doesn’t matter, and 14% weren’t sure.

With a +/- 3% margin of error, the survey used a stratified random sample of 1,200 respondents from around the country (gathered through a text-based and online data-gathering process from an existing database of previous face-to-face on-ground interviews).

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