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DA provides 455 young farmers in Bataan with livelihood tools.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) constantly gives Central Luzon’s young the tools they need to succeed as “agripreneurs” and agricultural leaders.

The Binhi ng Pag-asa Program (BPP) in Bataan has been extended by the DA through the Agricultural Training Institute Regional Training Center III in collaboration with the Office of Senator Grace Poe (OSGP) and local government units (LGUs) to support the development of the youth’s potential as partners in community and agricultural development.

455 young farmers from the municipalities of Hermosa, Orani, Samal, Abucay, Pilar, Orion, Limay, Mariveles, Bagac, and Morong as well as Balanga City benefited from the program, according to Bataan provincial agriculturist Johanna R. Dizon on Tuesday.

During the distribution events held on December 14, 15, 19, and 21, according to Dizon, the young farmer-beneficiaries received a total of 3,700 female hens, 910 male chickens, and 455 bags of grower feeds to launch a free-range chicken production business.

“The program’s purpose is to enable the young farmers to become effective agripreneurs,” she said in a statement. “The delivery and distribution of the beginning kits is part of that objective.”

According to Dizon, the beneficiaries received training in goat production, leadership in agriculture, and value generation before receiving livelihood assistance.

485 young farmers in Tarlac have received the same training and startup kits for their livelihoods in the goat-producing industry.

Among the eight priority provinces for the program’s implementation, this year are Bataan and Tarlac.

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