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In Rizal, a facility for upcycling plastic opens.

The multi-layered plastic (MLP) upcycling facility in Antipolo City, Rizal province, was officially opened on Wednesday by the Alaska Milk Corporation (AMC), in collaboration with D&G Pacific Corporation, with the goal of achieving plastic negativity and reducing pollution brought on by single-use plastics.

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In our modern, fast-paced culture, where plastics have permeated every aspect of daily life, smart upcycling technology and procedure like this one is essential and must be developed further. This ceremony not only marks the beginning of its commercial production but also extends an invitation to possible partners and investors to help this project grow, according to a statement from AMC managing director Tarang Gupta. FrieslandCampina, a Dutch dairy cooperative, has a subsidiary called AMC.

According to Gupta, AMC is committed to recovering not just the same volume of plastics it releases into the market, but even more of them because it is a responsible producer of plastics used in product packaging.

Thus, AlasKalikasan promotes more environmentally friendly plastic management, he continued.

The MLP upcycling plant, which aims to collect single-use plastics, has now officially launched its commercial activities (SUPs).

The factory makes WoW boards, which are solid sheets or panels that can be used in place of specific boards, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and plyboards to make a variety of items, including furniture.

The panels are entirely recycled, and no chemicals or additives are used in their production to make sure they are recyclable, termite-proof, and water-resistant.

The boards can be reused up to eight times, compared to the customary two to three times utilization of the conventional plywood or phenolic boards, and can be utilized in the manufacture of furniture as well as as a construction material.

The facility for recycling plastics makes use of TrashBot technology, which D&G Pacific bought from India and uses to recycle plastics and other non-biodegradable items that would otherwise be burned or disposed of.

“On December 6, 2022, this partnership was officially established with the goal of advancing proper zero waste management through collaboration and global benchmarking of the most cutting-edge solutions. We are confident that Alaska Milk’s efforts, along with those of our potential partners, will have a significant impact on maintaining a greener and more sustainable environment. According to Edmund Gregory Dimalanta, president of D&G Pacific Corporation, “for the people are the sustainability, we are sustainability.

Dimalanta serves as president of RePurpose, Inc., a business created to take over the duties of running the MLP upcycling facility.

The upcycling facility, which is geared toward a circular economy, acknowledges the critical role played by its numerous stakeholders, partners, and potential investors.

“As a nation that is quickly developing, it is crucial for big businesses like Alaska Milk to track, regulate, and monitor the production of plastic. The creation of this facility for upcycling plastic should act as a model for other businesses and encourage related industries to adopt a similar strategy toward plastic negativity, according to Robert van der Hum, deputy ambassador for the mission at the Dutch Embassy and a guest at the opening.

The “Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Act of 2022,” also known as Republic Act 11898, holds businesses accountable for the plastic packaging they use for the duration of a product’s lifecycle.

Additionally, they must demonstrate the recovery and diversion of 20 percent of their plastic packaging footprint by 2022, 40 percent by 2024, and 80 percent by 2028 and beyond.

The AMC wants to recover 120 percent of the total amount of plastic it discharged into the market in 2022, or plastic negative status, this year.

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX) recognized it as a “Net-Zero Plastic Waste Brand in 2022,” indicating that it was able to recover, recycle, and upcycle all of the plastics produced in the year prior.

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