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To the right of WRMO should be the Department of Water Resources: Poe

Senator Grace Poe stated on Thursday that she anticipates the Department of Water Resources (DWR) bill will be passed quickly now that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has already given his approval for the establishment of the Water Management Resource Office (WMRO).

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According to Poe, the president’s action is a clear indication that the DWR must be formed as soon as possible.

The Senate Committee on Public Services’ chair stated in a statement, “We anticipate that the creation of the new office (WMRO) will pave the way for the establishment of a Department of Water Resources that we have been seeking in the Senate.”

In his State of the Nation Address, President Marcos listed several priority bills, including the creation of a Department of Water Resources. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate are now debating the proposal in committee.

In a multi-sectoral meeting with representatives of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on Wednesday, Marcos gave his approval for the creation of WMRO (DENR).

The WRMO, which will fall under the DENR, will be a temporary organization until a water resources department is established.

Poe has previously stated that the WMRO represents a serious effort to better control and manage the nation’s water resources.

In addition to other problems like population increase, climate change, and rising demand, she said, “the shadow of water shortage has long plagued us and demands an immediate and comprehensive government response.”

She emphasized, however, the importance of a body required by law to direct and coordinate the thorough development and management of water resources in the nation.

Poe stated, “The planned department shall establish the policy for water supply, sewerage, and septage management, and ensure that consumer welfare is emphasized.

Poe resubmitted Senate Bill (SB) 102, a proposal to establish the DWR that was on Marcos’ main legislative agenda, during the 19th Congress.

The DWR will be the primary policy, planning, coordinating, implementing, monitoring, and administrative entity of the executive branch of government responsible for the comprehensive and integrated development and management of the water resources of the Philippines under the bill, which shall be known as the National Water Resource Management Act.

It would also manage the optimal allocation of water resources among competing users to enable universal access to safe, adequate and cheap water supply, sanitation and septage services.

Through an independent, quasi-judicial organization known as the water Regulatory Commission, the proposed DWR will rationalize both the economic and administrative regulation of water utilities.

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