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Plan to increase water service helps government infrastructure program

The PHP181 billion service improvement plan (SIP) of the Manila Water Company is in line with the government’s objective to construct more infrastructure projects that are robust to climate change, promote conservation, and lower risks during natural disasters.

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In a statement released on Thursday, Manila Water President and Chief Executive Officer Jocot de Dios said, “By giving the building of climate-resilient infrastructure priority in our current and future service improvement plans, we hope to continuously contribute to the administration’s Build Better More program, at the same time, to the country’s economic development.”

The construction of new water sources, the development of essential infrastructure, and the renovation of existing facilities are all part of Manila Water’s SIP, which will be put into effect between 2023 and 2027.

Water security, service accessibility, service continuity, and environmental sustainability are the four sustainability pillars of the organization.

Since Metro Manila still relies on the Angat Dam for 95% of its water needs, the water corporation has acknowledged the necessity to explore new water sources to provide a “24/7” supply to its consumers.

Manila Water created a master plan for the water system under the “water security” pillar, which comprises the following:

— The Angat-La Mesa Water System entails renovating the Umiray Angat Transbasin and channeling raw water from Quezon province’s Sumag River to the Angat Reservoir;

— The East Bay Water Supply System Project Phases 1 and 2 utilize the Laguna Lake water system to provide an additional 50 million liters per day (MLD) of water to the Rizal province municipalities of Jala-jala, Baras, Morong, Cardona, and Binangonan;

— The Wawa-Calawis water supply system is being built as part of the Antipolo water system, which would provide Manila Water customers in Antipolo City, Teresa, and Baras municipalities, all of which are in the province of Rizal, with an additional 518 MLD of water;

— The Kaliwa Water Supply Project and other long-term East sources, which make up the East Sources water system.

The rehabilitation, retrofitting, and improvement of the water company’s current water treatment plants, package treatment plants, pump stations, reservoirs, old primary pipelines, pipe bridges, and pipelaying of more reliable distribution lines fall under the service accessibility and service continuity pillars.

Under the basis of environmental sustainability, Manila Water also plans to start construction on a Three-River System Wastewater Masterplan.

To fully cover wastewater collection and treatment in the East Zone, a new septage treatment plant and six sewage treatment plants with supplementary sewer network lines, pump stations, and lift stations will be built under the Marikina River system, San Juan River system, Pasig River system, and Laguna Lake system.

“All of these projects included disaster resilience improvements into their design and construction. Manila Water shares the government’s outlook for the Philippines’ infrastructure sector and understands the need to invest in infrastructure to provide the public with a viable and dependable service despite the unavoidable difficulties we face, such as population growth, climate change, and disaster vulnerability, de Dios said.

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