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All of the city’s Covid-19 isolation units are shut down in Baguio.

Since these facilities have been vacant for several weeks, the local administration has chosen to stop operating all of the city-managed coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) isolation facilities.

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The Baguio City Community Isolation Unit (BCCIU) at the Sto. On Friday, Nino Hospital stopped operating on February 1, according to Aileen Refuerzo, chief city communications officer.

She claimed that after receiving no new admissions for Covid-19 cases in the previous two weeks, the BCCIU’s decision to cease operations was made.

The BCCIU, an isolation facility with more than 300 beds, formerly housed the old hospital before its owners closed it in the early 2000s.

The local administration began phasing out operations at small clinics that treated Covid-19 patients as early as the fourth quarter of 2022. It later led to the closure of the triage facility on the grounds of the Baguio Convention Center.

Refuerzo claimed that the Temporary Treatment and Monitoring Facilities are staffed by and managed by the City’s Health Services Office (CHSO), which recommended the closure (TTMFs).

He claimed that barangays had been instructed to ensure that they have a facility ready for residents who will want TTMF services or who cannot isolate at home as a result of the shutdown of the municipal government-managed facilities.

In accordance with Department of Health Administrative Order 2021-0043, titled “Omnibus Guidelines on the Minimum Public Health Standards for the Sale Reopening of Institutions,” asymptomatic and mild cases should be admitted and isolated in TTMFs, community-based facilities, or in their homes provided they meet the requirements for home quarantine or isolation. The directive to the villages was part of this compliance.

The city administration has already begun distributing the mattresses and bedding utilized at its isolation units to the barangays and the various government institutions.

In a previous statement, city health officer Rowena Galpo stated that her department is eager to offer the technical support required to build up barrio isolation units.

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