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Find those who are hoarding garlic and onion.

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On Sunday, Speaker Martin Romualdez issued a warning to those who hoard onions and garlic in an effort to drive up prices.

Romualdez claimed he gave the House Committee on Agriculture and Food instructions to look into the situation and suggest that charges be brought.

According to Romualdez, retail prices of these agricultural products remained high despite the current harvest season and the arrival of imported onions.

According to information we’ve received, these individuals are stockpiling onions and, more lately, garlic in an effort to artificially reduce supply and drive up prices.

The House subcommittee “will explore the possibility of recommending to the President the calibrated importation of onion and garlic as means to push these dishonest people to offload their stocks and drive down the prices to alleviate the burden on the consumers,” according to Romualdez.

But he made the point that such importation shouldn’t harm the livelihood of the regional farmers.

To prevent any negative impact on the livelihood of our local farmers, he said, “it is very vital to guarantee that any importation should be of such quantities and be done far ahead of the harvest season.”

Romualdez wants daily surveillance of the pricing of onions and garlic in the neighborhood markets in addition to the probe.

After the party election on Friday, Romualdez and Vice President Sara Duterte reclaimed their seats as president and chairwoman, respectively, of Lakas Christian Muslim (Lakas-CMD).

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s administration, as well as his plan for prosperity and socio-economic roadmap, will be supported by the installation of the new Lakas-CMD leaders, Romualdez added.

In addition to the hundreds of governors, mayors of cities and towns, members of the provincial board, city and municipal councils, and other local leaders, Lakas-CMD now has 68 representatives among its members.

Other party elected officials included Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr., co-chairperson; Capiz Gov. Fredenil Castro, vice chairperson; and House Majority Leader and Zamboanga City Rep. Manuel Jose Dalipe, executive vice president. Former President and current Senior Deputy Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo of Pampanga served as the party’s chair emeritus.

Representatives David Suarez of Quezon is the treasurer, Samantha Santos of North Cotabato is the deputy secretary general, and Jose Aquino ll of Agusan del Norte is the secretary general.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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