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Marcos plans educational travel to Japan and the Philippines

On Thursday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. expressed interest in increasing educational travel between the Philippines and Japan, pointing out that Filipinos are well-known around the world for having a strong command of English.

In Tokyo, Japan, at a roundtable discussion with tourism industry representatives, Marcos declared that the country’s educational tourism will place a specific emphasis on the exchange of students and professionals in organizations with a focus on tourism.

He also extended an invitation to students from Japan to study English in the Philippines.

Filipinos have a fluency in English that is acknowledged as one of our main leverages, one of our main selling points in terms of educational tourism because it makes it simple for us to work and communicate in other countries. And where else can you better learn English than in the Philippines, the man said.

In addition, Marcos affirmed that his administration is giving the growth of the nation’s top tourism attractions first priority.

He claimed that the government is actively enhancing the connectivity of the internet and road networks in popular tourist areas.

Through this, he stated, “we’ll ensure that both the hard and soft infrastructure is well-developed, from roads and bridges to medical facilities, clean water supplies, and easily accessible for both tourists and locals.”

Citing official figures, he claimed that PHP2.48 trillion, or at least 12.8% of the entire economy, was contributed by tourism to the 2019 GDP.

“We are relying on this opportunity to restructure the industry into one of the major forces driving the nation’s economy. With more than 2.65 million foreign visitors welcomed last year, exceeding the initial target of 1.7 million, I can promise you that we are well on our way to recovery.

He claimed that “special appreciation and preservation of our culture, our traditions, and our legacy” are deeply ingrained in both the Philippines and Japan.

Now, this is something we can share with our Japanese friends, whose success in the tourism industry is deeply ingrained in one’s cultural identity that has evolved and grown through time, he said.

The nation is “open and willing to welcome more Japanese onto our borders,” he added.

Additionally, he continued, “as a nation that understands the connections between our success and those of our neighbors, like Japan, working together in growing our tourist sector is crucial to economic rebirth.”

removal of travel warnings

In order to rebuild the pandemic-damaged tourist economy, Marcos said his administration was also urging Japan to “remove or limit” its travel advisories against Philippine-based main travel sites.

The “important” travel locations listed by the DOT were not further specified.

“There is a lot that Japan and the Philippines are working on that we can share and learn from one another. But first and foremost, we must be open to each other’s people if we are to further develop our friendship and shared interests as a nation, Marcos remarked.

With this, he continued, “we are seeking to convince the Japanese government to lift or scale back its travel recommendation against the Philippines’ most popular tourism destinations.

Japan is the sixth most popular destination for foreign travelers as of January 30.

Marcos named tourism as one of this administration’s key priorities in his first State of the Nation Address.

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