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CSC head promises to fully support the national development strategy

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The chairman of the Civil Service Commission (CSC), Karlo Nograles, has pledged the complete cooperation and support of his organization in achieving the good governance objectives set forth in the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023–2028.

By empowering government employees and agencies, the CSC is committed and fully prepared to play an active role in enhancing governance and bureaucratic efficiency, according to Nograles.

He emphasized that the public sector’s ability to establish successful HR and organizational strategies is essential to realizing the full socioeconomic agenda.

“The CSC seeks to improve the welfare and development of our government employees because we anticipate them to carry out significant programs and provide effective public service,” Nograles said. “Layunin ng CSC na mapabuti ang pamamahala at pangangalaga sa ating mga kawani ng pamahalaan.”

He pointed out that Chapter 14 of the new PDP, which deals with the bureaucracy’s attempt to implement transparent, effective, and responsible governance, is in line with the agency’s mandate.

The CSC’s Contact Center ng Bayan (CCB), a facility that collects inquiries, grievances, requests for assistance, words of admiration or appreciation, and ideas concerning government services, is mentioned in the PDP 2023–2028 as one of the ways to strengthen public accountability.

“The Commission, through the CCB, continues to place a high focus on providing customer-centered services. In fact, the CCB has been acting as a link between the public and government organizations for ten years to help them enhance their services, according to Nograles.

The CCB received 134,638 feedback reports for 2022, of which 134,504—or 99.90 percent—were resolved.

Clients of the CCB gave their input during this time via email to email@contactcenterngbayan.gov.ph (58,473 or 43.43%), through the Civil Service Commission’s official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/civilservicegovph (52,408 or 38.92%), and via SMS to 0908-8816565. (22,733 or 16.88 percent).

A 98.20 percent resolution rate was achieved for the 500 customer complaints about CSC services that were forwarded to the CCB from the Citizens’ Complaint Center Hotline 8888.

The CCB achieved a resolution rate for complaints of 93.50 percent (1,397 resolved versus 1,494 total received). In 2022, complaints about delayed processes, rudeness, subpar service or facilities, failure to comply with requests, and unattended hotline lines were the most frequent ones.

electronic transformation

Nograles added that for the next three years, the CSC will focus heavily on digital transformation.

This is consistent with one of the PDP 2023–2028’s strategies, which is to speed up the digital transformation of government by enhancing its institutional and legal framework, implementing paperless, cashless, and data-powered transactions at all levels, and building the capacity of the civil service to carry them out.

“In the future, the public may expect a quicker, simpler, and more effective service from the CSC with the aid of appropriate” digital systems and technologies, he said.

The Internal Civil Service Eligibility Verification System (iCSEVS), recently completed by the CSC, enables any civil service eligible, regardless of where they took the exam, to request and obtain their Certification of Eligibility and its authenticated copies in any of the 16 Regional Offices of the CSC.

The External Civil Service Eligibility Verification System (eCSEVS), which will enable the public to view an individual’s eligibility status on the CSC website, is also in progress. Within the year, this web application is anticipated to be accessible.

The CSC is also providing courses on digital leadership through the Civil Service Institute to help public sector managers and leaders deal with change and adopt new technologies.

Chief of CSC meets with Singaporean counterpart to discuss digitization

In a related development, Nograles met with Leo Yip, the head of the Singapore government’s civil service, on February 1 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore during the Global Government Summit (GGS) to talk about and share ideas on the public service systems in both nations, focusing on issues like digitalization, ongoing improvement, and transformation.

“During our conversation, Mr. Yip gave me a peek into the workings of the Singapore Civil Service. I appreciate Mr. Yip giving me the chance. In addition to other potential partnerships, I am looking forward to Singapore’s support on our path to digitization, added Nograles.

Both nations are a part of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Cooperation on Civil Service Matters, or ACCSM, which was established in 1981 and is made up of civil service organizations from ASEAN Member States. ACCSM serves as a forum for knowledge sharing and mutual learning.

Nograles attended the Global Government Summit in Singapore on February 1-2, which was hosted by the Singaporean government and put on by the Global Government Forum. The GGS is an exceptional annual gathering when the most senior public servants from around the world discuss the difficulties encountered by civil services globally.

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