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Mini rice mills are being distributed to seven BARMM cooperatives.

At the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) office in the city, at least seven cooperatives from Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, and Pikit, North Cotabato, got their small rice mill units with de-stoners and 10-KVA generator sets on June 11.

Under the 2020 Transitional Development Impact Fund, the project was sponsored by Bangsamoro Member of Parliament (MP) Diamilah Disimban-Ramos and executed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR-BARMM) headed by Minister Mohammad S. Yacob (TDIF).

In her welcoming speech, Ramos stated, “This initiative is in response to numerous discussions that our office has undertaken in aid of legislation and in the implementation of significant interventions in order to elevate the living circumstances of our farmers in the Bangsamoro Region.”

Ramos also stressed the need of using contemporary equipment and sophisticated technologies in order to boost production, raise revenue, and create jobs.

She went on to say that this would benefit not just cooperative members, but also community members, which would assist drive the country’s economic growth and development, proving that cooperatives have a significant multiplier impact.

Because of their shared duty, Bangsamoro farmers, according to MAFAR Deputy Minister Ammal B. Solaiman, are regarded active partners of the government rather than passive benefactors.

Deputy Chief Minister Ali Solaiman, for his part, emphasized that the handover ceremony is just the beginning of more significant interventions, as there are many plans, initiatives, and activities set to be executed under the Bangsamoro Transition Authority’s framework.

Solaiman also reaffirmed the Bangsamoro Government’s strong commitment to assist the agricultural sector, especially farmers, for their important contributions to the region’s economy, as headed by Chief Minister Ahod Alhaj Murad Ebrahim.

MP Marjanie Macasalong, representatives of MP Abdullah Macapaar and MP Maisara Latiph, CDA National Asec. Pendatun Disimban, Lumba-Bayabao Mayor Mahar Dagalangit, Sulhen & TJJ Representative Jefferson Chong, and MAFAR Central Office officials were also present at the aforementioned event.

The 102nd Camp Saliwato BDE Farmers Producers Cooperative (Wato Balindong, LDS), Maribo Poblacion Farm Producer Cooperative (Lumba-Bayabao, LDS), Al Dida Marketing Cooperative (Marawi City), Taraka Modern Farmers Producer Cooperative (Taraka LDS), Al Jannah Producer Cooperative (Wato Balindong, LDS), and Bangsamoro Youth Farmers Agriculture Marketing Cooperative were among the seven cooperative (Pikit, Cotabato)

โ€œSana ay magpatuloy pa ang marami pang magandang proyekto ng BARMM sa mga tao at (I hope these good projects of the BARMM for the people will continue and) Insha Allah, ito ay magpatuloy pa (this will continue) with their promise to deliver us moral governance,โ€ said Lumba-Bayabao Mayor Mahar Dagalangit.

PHOTO: Courtesy of Office of MP Diamilah Disimban-Ramos

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