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Encouraged to employ incentives for high-impact projects are SGLG recipients

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The 350 local governments that won the 2022 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG) award were urged by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to invest their incentive fund subsidy in “high-impact” local projects.

“We kindly request that you use this grant to support high-impact initiatives within your area. Gamitin n’yo ang pondong ito para mas mapagbuti pa ang paghahatid ng serbisyo sa ating mga kababayan at gawing maunlad ang inyong mga lugar (Use this fund to improve service delivery to our residents and make your places prosperous),” DILG Secretary Benjamin Abalos Jr. said in a statement on Friday.

There are 18 provinces, 60 cities, and 272 municipalities among the 2022 SGLG recipients.

Republic Act 11292, also known as the SGLG Act of 2019, which attempts to align local government efforts with the national development goal, established the SGLG incentive fund.

“Maaari nilang magamit ang pondong ito para sa buong taon ngunit kinakailangan na bago at buo at walang kapareho sa ibang ahensiya ang proyektong paglalaanan nito, ngunit kinakailangan na bago at buo at walang kapareho s Every project may be completed and liquidated by the end of the 12-month period after receiving the notice to implement from the DILG Regional Office. (You may use these funds at any time during the year, but they must be used for projects that are original, finished, and distinct from those carried out by other agencies.) Following receipt of the Notice to Implement from the DILG Regional Office), all projects must be completed and liquidated within 12 months, according to Abalos.

Through its DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2023-019, Abalos reminded the LGUs that the SGLG incentive fund may only be applied to initiatives promoting the following sectors: sound fiscal management, disaster preparedness, social protection and sensitivity programs, health, education, peace and order, public safety, and business friendliness and competitiveness.

He pleaded with LGU officials not to utilize the aforementioned amount for things like training projects, financing for microcredit and loans, administrative and travel costs, buying office supplies, buying a lot, or buying, maintaining, or repairing cars that aren’t needed for SGLG-related operations.

In order to comply with the rule against using an official’s name, picture, or likeness on official initiatives, he added.

“Huwag nating samantalahin ang mga proyekto ng gobyerno at gamitin ito para sa pansariling kapakinabangan, po. Don’t take advantage of government programs and use them for your own gain; instead, use them for the benefit of the community. You are currently working on a project for the government. Serving the Filipino people is what we do. Because that is what we do, they owe us nothing for the projects and services we deliver to them,” Abalos continued.

According to Abalos, the money would be returned to the National Treasury if the LGU is unable to utilize them by the end of 2023 or fails to begin implementing the project within nine months of getting the notice to do so.

Abalos claimed that out of all the regions of the nation, Central Luzon had the most number of recipients, with 61 LGUs—51 municipalities, 6 cities, and 2 provinces—getting the seal.

The next two regions are Region 2 (Cagayan Valley) with 35 awardees from 29 municipalities, four cities, and two provinces, and the Ilocos Region with 54 awardees made up of 48 municipalities, four cities, and two provinces.

Other SGLG recipients for 2022 include five in the National Capital Region, twelve in the Cordillera Administrative Region, thirty-nine in Calabarzon, six in Mimaropa, nine in Region Five (Bicol), twenty-seven in Region Six (Western Visayas), six in Region Seven (Central Visayas), sixteen in Region Eight (Eastern Visayas), six in Region Nine (Zamboanga Peninsula), twenty-six in Region Ten (Norther

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