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Marcos promises better work and thanks OFWs in Japan for their remittances.

On Sunday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. thanked the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Japan for their major remittance contributions to the country’s economic expansion.

He also thanked them for their goodwill and hard work in promoting the Philippines.

“Ang remittance from overseas Filipino workers is a pakalaking bagay for the Philippine economy. The remittances of OFWs are a major factor in maintaining the Philippine economy’s viability, according to the Panahon ng Kahirapan. We depend on the remittances you send us during hard times),” he said in a speech at a gathering of the Filipino community in Chuo City at the Belle Salle Tokyo Nihonbashi conference center.

“Your sacrifice of working overseas is not just for the sake of your family, but also of the entire country,” he continued. “‘Yung sakripisyo po ninyo na pagta-trabaho sa abroad ay hindi lamang sa ikabubuti ng inyong pamilya, kung hindi sa buong bansa.”

Marcos informed OFWs that the government is improving employment quality so that Filipinos wouldn’t need to leave the country in the future.

“Ang aking pangarap talaga ay masabi natin na sapat ang trabaho sa Philippines. When a Filipinos travels abroad to work, it’s because they want to, not because they have to (My dream is to be able to claim that there are enough jobs in the Philippines. A Filipino who travels abroad for employment do so voluntarily and not under duress, the speaker said.

Marcos stated that he wants Filipinos to have respectable employment at home that will ensure their financial security.

The President stated that the goal of his official visit to Japan is to return investment commitments and agreements that will support post-pandemic economic growth.

When the Philippines is not included in every deal, it is a very crucial bagay that should not be ignored. “Saan tayo maglalagay ng negosyo?” she asks when she is interrupted. Iniisip dati hindi tayo. Alam na nila ngayon, dahil pinupuntahan natin silaโ€ฆ At this time, the Philippines are united as one. (One thing that is crucial is to remind companies to keep the Philippines in mind when doing business, in addition to the agreements we make. Where are we going to invest, they consider. They haven’t given us much thought in the past. Because of us, they now have the Philippines as one of their options, he said.

Additionally, he reaffirmed that the government would offer all OFWs the critical support they require through its embassies and the Department of Migrant Workers.

“We will give help so that our people, our employees, may rise back up again,” he said. “Kami naman ay magbibigay ng tulong upang makabangon ulit ang ating mga kababayan, ang ating mga trabahador.”

“Alam naming kayo’y maasahan namin kayo’y kayo’y kayo’y maasahan namin bilang hindi lamang magagaling na nagta-trabaho kundi magaling na ambassador ng Pilipinas. Ipagpatuloy ninyo at kami naman po sa pamahalaan ay nandito upang magsuporta, upang tumulong atoโ€ฆ We know that we can depend on you not just as diligent employees but also as ambassadors of the Philippines. That is what we mean when we say, “You are my pagbawi sa inyong napakaganda at napaka-init na salubong ngayong araw na ito.” Keep up the good work, and the government is here to assist you fully. The least we can do in return for the gracious welcome you extended to us today),” he remarked.

According to Philippine Ambassador to Japan Mylene Garcia-Albano, remittances from Filipinos working in Japan were about USD1.49 billion last year.

There are around 290,000 Filipinos living in Japan, according to government statistics.

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