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Solon suggests legalizing and regulating motor taxis.

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Joel Chua, a representative for Manila’s third congressional district, has introduced a bill that would legalize and regulate the use of motorcycles for hire, which are known to be convenient, dependable, and economical for daily commuters.

The bill was introduced by a congressman to meet the growing demand for additional alternative transportation alternatives while also expanding job prospects for more Filipinos.

“Traffic congestion and a lack of mobility continue to be major obstacles to the nation’s economy and citizens’ well-being. Many Filipinos use private vehicles as a result of the lack of suitable public transportation choices, but motorcycle taxis have been shown to be a dependable, safe, convenient, and economical transportation option, according to Chua.

The senator used his constituents’ experience in Manila, where he observed working people truly relying on motorbike taxis, as an example. He claimed that his own office crew often uses the same transportation provider.

The “Motorcycles-for-Hire Act,” also known as House Bill (HB) No. 7034, aims to permit the regulated operation of motorcycles-for-hire in order to offer the riding public a substitute mode of transportation that is adequate, safe, secure, and affordable, but must be standardized to ensure that the interests of the general public are protected.

The government would be able to cover a transportation shortfall thanks to the motorcycle-for-hire businesses, according to Chua, who filed the bill. He claimed that it could effectively move people from one location to another and offer chances for bikers to support their families with a fair salary by providing them with the necessary equipment, like as safety training.

The solon continued by saying that the government understands the role that transportation plays in economic development and that recent technological advancements have created an opportunity for alternative public transportation options, like motorcycles for hire, to flourish as a dependable and accessible mode of transportation.

The interests of the general public, and commuters in particular, must be protected, Chua added, despite the ease and quick service it promises.

While private vehicles dominate the road share, he noted that motorbikes are actually the most often utilized vehicle by Filipinos, with an estimate of 18 million motorcycles on the nation’s roads coming from the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The senator went on to say that the regulation of motorcycles-for-hire as a different mode of transportation stands to assist both the general public’s commuters by addressing mobility difficulties and the Filipino families who now have the chance to unleash a new income stream and improve their life.

The additional benefit of motorcycles-for-hire, especially motorcycle taxis, is that they give the workforce’s relatively unskilled segments of the labor meaningful livelihoods. According to Chua, many people who would otherwise be under or unemployed are able to earn an adequate living wage by giving their transportation services through Motorcycle Taxi Platform Providers because drivers simply need to drive well and securely.

He added that a biker may make up to P1,500 per day, which is about the Metro Manila minimum wage rate at the moment.

The possible effects of a motorcycle-for-hire law, according to Chua, “cannot be emphasized.”

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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