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Eastern Samar prepares a tour itinerary to aid in boosting aviation traffic

Ben Evardone, the governor of Eastern Samar, has tasked the province’s local governments with developing a tour itinerary that might assist the region’s tourism industry growth.

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In a meeting he recently had, Evardone said on Monday, he discussed ways to promote the province more effectively with the mayors of all 23 of the towns and the city.

He claimed that in order to increase the number of tourists from Manila and Cebu, he asked them to prepare and submit their suggested tour package to the provincial office by March.

He claimed that doing so would enable them to support Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) ongoing operations in the province.

In December of the previous year, the national carrier began operating flights from Manila to Cebu and vice versa.

More than 900 people have flown from Borongan Local Airport to Cebu and Manila since flights there began, according to the city government, saving them the four to a five-hour trip to Tacloban Airport.

“Having a flight here in the province greatly benefits us. Because of this, we must contribute to keeping it in business. Our local politicians may accomplish this by advertising the tourist attractions in our various areas, according to Evardone.

Each town, according to him, has something unique to offer, and it is up to each municipality to decide how to promote its towns as tourist destinations.

They must devise something that would compel tourists to travel to their respective towns, Evardone stated.

“Since access is already possible, this is a tremendous potential for our province. If we want our province to be pushed by the tourism industry, we need to take advantage of this, make the most of it, and exploit it,” he continued.

Ma. Catherina Apostol, the head of operations for the Department of Tourism’s regional office, gave the LGUs a sample tour itinerary during the meeting.

She asked regional leaders and tourist officials to ensure that all of the destinations in the package have the most basic amenities, such as hygienic restrooms.

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