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GSIS keeps growing its online presence.

Members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) can now use a variety of online banking services to pay for non-life insurance (ONLI) premiums, insurance payments, service loans, and housing loans.

GSIS members can pay ONLI premiums and the associated taxes and fees through the Land Bank of the Philippines as part of the state pension fund’s ongoing efforts to improve the customer experience through digital platforms (LBP).

Wick Veloso, president and general manager of GSIS, said in a statement, “We are expanding our digital payment platforms so that even clients who utilized our ONLI insurance are provided access to new secure, reachable, and user-friendly channels.”

Only GSIS active members, retirees, pensioners, and their qualified dependents are eligible to receive ONLI, which provides insurance protection for them and their property against accidents and unforeseeable catastrophes. It covers coverage for personal accident insurance, fire insurance, and auto insurance.

In addition to insurance payments, GSIS clients can use LandBank’s and Union Bank’s online services to pay their service loans and housing loans.

Customers can use the LANDBANK Link.Biz Portal at https://www.lbp-eservices.com/egps/portal/index.jsp if they want to use the online payment facility (OPF).

the LandBank Connection for payments.

Asia United Bank, CTBC Bank, Citystate Savings Bank, Enterprise Bank, Entrepreneur Bank, Equicom Savings, Luzon Development Bank, MASS-SPECC, Malayan Bank, Overseas Filipino Bank, PBCom Bank, Philippine Business Bank, Philtrust Bank, Sterling Bank, or Sun Savings Bank are just a few of the banks that can be used with Biz Portal via Bancnet.

Bank of the Philippine Islands, Rizal Chinese Banking Company, Philippine Savings Bank, Robinsons Bank, or Union Bank of the Philippines accounts may be utilized for LandBank Link.Biz Portal via Paygate.

The renowned GSIS Touch mobile app is another option for paying off GSIS service loans.

Jason Teng, Senior Vice President for Visayas and Mindanao at GSIS, stated during a recent Laging Handa Public Briefing that they had begun increasing their digitization during the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic.

“We understand that almost all of our members and pensioners have smartphones, so we created the GSIS’s own) mobile application,” Teng said, noting that the app may be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Stores. “We understand that almost all of our members and pensioners have smartphones, so we created (the GSIS’ own) mobile application,” he added.

The GSIS official reported that as of right now, they have already received payments for housing and loans totaling about $500,000,000 using online payment services.

“We have an arrangement with the Bayad Center, M. Lhuillier, and other incoming parties that we will announce later. In essence, we are broadening the GSIS’s purview to make it simpler for members to fulfill their financial obligations to the GSIS “said Teng.

He did warn GSIS active members and account holders, however, against phishing scams and frauds, pointing out that GSIS will never phone them and ask for one-time passwords and other personal information.

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