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In Cebu, Marcos oversees the opening of the rebranded Kadiwa ng Pangulo store.

The “Kadiwa ng Pangulo” program, a renamed version of the “Kadiwa ng Pasko” bazaar that offers food and agricultural products at a lower price, was introduced on Monday at the Cebu Provincial Capitol grounds in Cebu City by President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

In his speech, Marcos emphasized the significance of continuing the program past the holiday season in order to offer more customers low-cost goods in light of the nation’s rising inflation rate.

“As time passes, Christmas has passed, and I suggested that perhaps we might continue it, so naging Kadiwa ng Pangulo that ngayon ay sinimulan natin sa Cebu, “Habang tumagal ang panahon atapos na ‘yung Pasko, e sabi ko dapat naman siguro ipatuloy na natin. So, we began in Cebu with “Kadiwa ng Pangulo,” he stated.

Additionally, he promised the populace that more Kadiwa pop-up shops will be opened across the nation.

“It’s not in Cebu at all; we’re talking about our native Philippines here. Ang Kadiwa na ating ginagawa sa iba’t-ibang lugar sa Philippines labis na sa limang daanโ€ฆ Lalo na sa mga locales na talagang hirap ang tao at hindi pa kaya ang mga presyuhan kung nasa palengke, patuloy naming gagawin ito, padadamihin natin (This won’t just happen in Cebu. The entire Philippines is engaged in this. More than 500 Kadiwa outlets can currently be found throughout the Philippines. In places where people are struggling and unable to afford the pricing of goods in the markets, we will continue doing this and expand the number of stores,” he added.

The President claimed that the Kadiwa pop-up stores’ development will boost the revenue of farmers, fishermen, and micro, small, and medium-sized businesses in addition to assisting Filipinos in coping with growing prices for commodities (MSMEs).

“With the company, we are able to tulungan the MSMEs. Sinisigaw namin. During our campaign, we made sure to emphasize the importance of supporting MSMEs, as they often have difficulty getting their products to market. We provided MSMEs an opportunity to showcase their products because of this “added he.

The two-day Kadiwa caravan features at least 50 exhibitors, offering consumers rice for PHP25 per kg, fish and agricultural products, as well as some of Cebu’s well-known delicacies and handicrafts.

The Kadiwa ng Pasko project, an initiative of the Office of the President and overseen by Marcos’ Department of Agriculture, was started in November of last year.

It offers a direct farm-to-consumer food supply chain that helps local agricultural producers earn more money by removing multiple marketing intermediaries.

Currently, there are more than 40 Kadiwa stalls in Metro Manila, out of the about 500 that exist nationwide.

The idea for kadiwa stalls originated with Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. and Imelda Romualdez Marcos, the late president and first lady of the Philippines.

Para sa Manggagawa Kadiwa

Marcos revealed that the Department of Labor and Employment would run the “Kadiwa Para sa Manggagawa” program that his government plans to implement.

We will also launch a “Kadiwa Para sa Manggagawa” so they too would have more options, he said. “Gagawa pa kami ng Kadiwa Para sa Manggagawa dahil nga talagang nakatutok para sa ating manggagawa so sila din ay magkaroon ng pagkakataon.”

He also congratulated the Cebuanos for casting the most votes in support of him and Vice President Sara Z. Duterte in the elections in May 2022.

“This is the case with my first visit to Cebu after the electricity.” It is true that this is the pinaka-una of my campaign to spread kindness to every Cebuano in my wakeโ€”my support system that stands by me in the face of adversity. Inday Sara, I am here. Here is what Governor Gwen said. (I’d never been to Cebu before the election. This is the first time I’ve ever expressed my gratitude to all Cebuanos for their assistance and encouragement throughout the election. It’s accurate what Governor Gwen [Garcia] said.) I will be forever grateful for that for the rest of my life because it was history-making and you were a part of that history.

In the province with the highest turnout in the nation, Marcos received more than 1.5 million votes, while Duterte received 1.7 million.

After receiving 31,629,783 votes, or 58.77 percent of the total votes cast in the elections of May 2022, he was elected president with a majority.

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