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Solon desires that February be recognized as “Buwan ng Nag-uusap na Pamilya.”

Florida Robes, a representative for San Jose del Monte City, urged the House of Representatives on Thursday to designate the month of February as “Buwan ng Nag-uusap na Pamilya” in an effort to raise awareness of mental health issues among family members and deal with the rising number of young people experiencing mental health issues.

“As a mental health advocate, I think there should be a workable way to stop and stop the deaths caused by the unseen depression and suicide pandemic. The absence of adequate family communication is a recurrent issue in these suicide cases, according to Robes in a statement.

The lady solon advocated for the formation of a “multi-agency task force” to lead initiatives that will raise community members’ awareness of mental health issues among families in order to combat the rising cases of mental health issues among kids.

Prior to and even after the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Robes’ earlier Tuesday privilege speech, Filipino youth have been plagued by depression, suicide, and mental health disorders.

According to a report by Global School-Based Student Health Survey Philippines, which was mentioned by the Bulacan senator, 17 percent of adolescents in the 13–17 age range make at least one annual attempt at suicide.

Strangely, while being confined to their homes due to quarantine regulations at the beginning of the pandemic, many families still neglected to confront issues of despair and suicide. According to the 2021 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey, the number of young people exhibiting depressive symptoms increased between 2013 and 2021.

According to her, children and young adults (aged 15 to 24) have thought about taking their own lives “when this is the stage where it is supposed to be the time that they are building their dreams and conquering the world,” according to a study that showed a doubling of suicide ideation and suicide attempts among our youth from 2013 to 2021.

According to the same survey, 574,000 or 3% of Filipino youth attempted suicide in 2013.

Almost 1.5 million Filipino youngsters, or 7% of the population, attempted suicide in 2021, which Robes called disturbing. “It was reported that six out of ten responders didn’t talk to anyone about it. If they did, who did they turn to for assistance?

Robes found that 25% of people turned to friends for assistance rather than their parents or guardians. Only 7% of those who considered suicide talked to their parents about it, and 5% of people from the family.

“This is incredibly sad. We, as parents, should be the first persons our kids turn to when they are in trouble. We should be the first ones our kids turn to for assistance when they’re hurt or lonely, she said. “Tayo dapat ang unang sumbungan at takbuhan ng ating mga anak,” she said.

“A straightforward discussion with our kids might be the last, best chance we have to save their lives before it’s too late. As a result, this proposal seeks for a law designating February as the “Buwan ng Nag-uusap na Pamilya.” The unwavering love of family is the greatest love there is, according to Robes.

Robes urged several government agencies, particularly the Departments of Education, Health, Social Welfare and Development, and the Philippine Commission on Women and Children to lead programs and activities that will “create mental health awareness among families, initiate dialogue between parents and children, and capacitate both parents and their children to effectively address these problems.”

She also exhorted communities and families to take steps to foster effective family communication.

There is a need to offer opportunities to get families talking once more, according to Robes.

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